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Lemon Hill postcards.

David Rittenhouse House postcards.

Franklin's grave postcards.

Carnegie Free Library postcards.

Green Tree Inn postcards.

Christopher Yeakel's old log cabin postcards.

Memorial Hall postcards.

Girls' Normal School postcards.

Mount Saint Joseph Academy postcards.

Temple University postcards.

Reading Terminal postcards.

Boys' Central High School postcards.

Drexel Institute postcards.

Girard College postcards.

Girls' High School postcards.

Post Office and Federal Building postcards.

Broad Street Station postcards.

Pennsylvania Railroad Ferries postcards.

Widener Memorial Library postcards.

Dock Street Market postcards.

Eighth Street postcards.

Park Trolley Bridge postcards.

Catholic Total Abstinence Union Fountain postcards.

Horticultural Hall postcards.

Baptist Temple Church and Temple College postcards.

Church of the Advocate postcards.

Chew Mansion postcards. [graphic].

[Johnson Homestead postcards] [graphic].

Post Office, 9th & Chestnut Sts. postcards.

Old Court House & Market postcards.

Carpenters' Hall postcards.

Independence Hall postcards.

Horn & Hardart's Automat postcards.

Benjamin Franklin's grave postcards.

Concord School House postcards.

Boys' Central High School postcards.

St. James Church of Kingsessing postcards.

St. James the Less, Falls of Schuylkill postcards.

Betsy Ross House postcards.

Market Street postcards.

Billmyer House postcards.

Chew Mansion postcards.

Johnson House postcards.

Old Dunkard Church postcards.

Immaculate Conception Church chapel and St. Vincent's College, Germantown, Pa.

Green Street Friends Meeting House postcards.

Germantown Hospital postcards.

Nugent Home postcards.

Germantown Town Hall postcards.

Germantown National Bank postcards.