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Elevated railroad bed postcards.

Elevated railroad at 69th Street station postcards.

Broad St. Theatre, Broad and Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Metropolitan Opera House postcards.

Lyric Theatre, Broad and Cherry Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's, Chestnut Hill.

P.R.R. Bridge over Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Church of "Saint John Chrysostom", Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, 50th Street and Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, Pa.

Church of St. Thomas, 17th & Morris Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Roxboro near Wissahickon, Philadelphia, Pa.

Hermit Lane Bridge postcards.

Rustic bridge postcards.

William Elkins Masonic Orphanage for Girls postcards.

Home for Veteran and Wife G.A.R., 63rd and Callowhill Sts. [sic], Philadelphia, Pa.

Chambers-Wylie Presby. Church, Broad and Spruce Sts., Phila.

St. Charles Borromeo R.C. Church 20th and Christian Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Hotel Stenton postcards.

Ask for Bell Bros. Co.'s sheep-lined coats and ulsters. Manufactured by Bell Bro's Co. Dubuque, Ia.

The home of Grit, Williamsport, Pa.

Machinery Building (official). World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904.

Academy of Music postcards.

Armory of First City Troops postcards.

The Art Club, the headquarters of the artistic life of the city.

Philadelphia Bourse postcards.

Witherspoon Building.

Hamilton mansion, Woodlands.

The Dundas-Lippincott Mansion.

Elks' building, Philadelphia.

The Franklin Institute.

Lafayette Building, 5th & Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Old Market at Pine and Second Streets.

McClatchy Building, 69th Street.

St. George's Hall, 19th and Arch Sts.

United Gas Improvement Building (U.G.I.) and the Young Men's Christian Association Building (Y.M.C.A.) postcards.

Girard Trust Corn Exchange Bank postcards.

Baldwin Locomotive Works postcards.

Boyertown Burial Casket Co. funeral supplies, 1211-17 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

McDowell Paper Mills - actual paper makers since 1825.

The Philadelphia Inquirer building.

Port Richmond Elevator, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Stock Yard postcards.

Franklin Bank Building and Betz Building. Broad and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

[Unidentified Bell Telephone Company of Philadelphia building]

Happy Lil' Sal as the queen of the May. [graphic] / R.F. Outcault.

Pore lil' Mose sends his Pa a valentine. [graphic] / R.F. Outcault.

Superstitious Chinese children covering their faces to avoid being photographed [graphic].

Marriage certificate. This certifies that [blank] of [blank] and [blank] of [blank] united in holy matrimony according to the ordinance of God and the laws of [blank] at [blank] on the [blank] day of [blank] A.D. [blank]. Witnesses [blank] [blank] [graphi

Smith Memorial postcards.

Frankford (section) postcards.