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[Mary Barnes Swift with her great nephew Robert J. Swift]

[Portrait of an unidentified seated bearded man, hands resting on his thighs.]

[Martha Jane Gibson (later) Spencer, 1825-1901, as a young woman]

[Julianna Randolph Wood and another unidentified woman with album.]

[Portrait of seated, unidentified woman, hair parted in the middle, with a white lace collar and cuffs on her dress.]

Elizabeth Swift Nixon

[Hannah T. White and baby]

[Mary R. Housekeeper as a young child.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, bearded man in a light colored waistcoat.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, young boy, hair neatly combed, with a curl at each side.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, young boy, hair neatly combed, with a curl at each side.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, young woman dressed all in black, with a large black hat on her head tied in a big bow at the neck.]

[Mary Wood, b. 1834]

[Julianna Wood, aged 5 years, holding a doll in her right hand and pointing to a page in an open album on a table next to her.]

[Portrait of two brothers, George and Ralph Wood]

Mr. Charles Dickens

[Caroline Wood, 1838-1857]

[Portrait of an unidentified man.]

[Mary Barnes Swift, 1795-1866]

[Reverend Henry Nixon.]

[Charles W. Gettz seated at table with one hand supporting his head.]

[Vignette portrait of young woman in off the shoulder dress]

William A.K. Martin, 1817-1867

[Portrait of an unidentified, young man with upswept hair]

[Portrait of a young man]

[Portrait of two seated men]

[Portrait of an unidentified, elderly woman with her arms crossed in front of her, wearing a white lace cap and a large white shawl.]

[Charlotte Conarroe and her daughter Ellen.]

[Three quarter length portrait of a seated, unidentified young woman, hair parted in middle, wearing dress with lace collar and cuffs.]

[Portrait of an unidentified couple sitting side by side.]

[Portrait of an unidentified bearded man, neatly coifed.]

[Portrait of an elderly unidentified woman.]

Dr. Charles Kingsbury, Dr. French Alseael, S.H. Porter, and Royal L. Burgh.

[Small bust length portrait of an unidentified young man with mustache and small beard.]

[Maria Conarroe, 1835?- 1906]

[George M. Conarroe, 1831-1896.]

[Portrait of an unidentified man with curled hair down his cheeks, looking slightly to his left.]

[George Washington Conarroe, 1803-1882 or 4]

[Richard Davis Wood, 1799-1869]

Gilbert C. Pryor about 1856.

[Mrs. William George Spencer holding her baby Warren Otis Spencer on her lap.]

[Anna Lea Bakewell as a girl.]

[Edward Randolph Wood, b. 1840]

[Seated portrait of an unidentified unidentified woman resting her left arm on a column on which there is a vase of flowers.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, unsmiling young man, hands resting on his thighs.]

[Portait of an unidentified, young woman wearing a dark dress with a white collar, with her left arm resting on a table beside her.]

[Double portraits of unidentified couple.]

[Walter Wood, 1849-1934]

Grandma Sailer.

[Julianna Randolph, b. 1794]