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[George Washington Conarroe, 1803-1882 or 4]

[Portrait of a balding, unidentified man with his right arm is resting on a table. ]

[Portrait of a prim, unsmiling, unidentified young woman wearing a white lace collar.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young woman, hair parted in the middle, wearing a black ribbon attached to a pin at her neck.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, young woman, wearing a white lace cap, her right arm is resting on a table. ]

[George Henry Lea as a very young boy]

[Bootmaker with a boot on the table beside him.]

[Unidentified, somber looking, little girl wearing an off the shoulder black dress, her hands folded in her lap.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, bearded man, head tilted slightly to his left.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, bald, bearded man, looking straight ahead, his right arm is resting on a table.]

[Portrait of an unidentified woman.]

[Portrait of an unidentified girl sitting on a chair.]

[Portrait of an unidentified older woman, hair parted in the middle, wearing eye glasses.]

[Standing portrait of a little girl posed next to a chair.]

[Charlotte Conarroe, b. 1804]

[Portrait of an unidentified little girl sitting on a high chair.]

[Portrait of an unidentified boy, dressed in white, sitting on a sofa holding a toy musical instrument.]

[Portrait of an unidentified seated young girl.]

[Richard Wood, 1833-1910]

[Portrait of a balding man with sideburns.]

[Portrait of an unidentified man with sideburns and short beard.]

[Richard Wood, 1833-1910]

Daughter of William & Mary (Phillips) Hill.

[Seated musician holding a brass horn in his right hand.]

[William Spencer]

[Portrait of an unidentified man, head slightly lowered, looking toward his right.]

[Portrait of two unidentified male musicians holding their instruments, a flute and a violin.]

[Portrait of three unidentified men, possibly a family group, in formal clothes.]

[Anna Lea Bakewell as a young child.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young man looking to his right, wearing a big black tie and a black satin vest, with left arm is resting on a table.]

[M. Stanton Hall with his parents and sister.]

[Portrait of a seated, unidentified baby girl, hands resting in her lap.]

Portrait of an unidentified man in a military costume.

[Seated portrait of a unidentified woman, her hair parted in the middle, arms crossed on her lap, white collar at her neck.]

[Portrait of an unidentified seated woman.]

[Maria Conarroe, b. 1835]

[Portrait of a serious looking, young man with a carefully trimmed beard looking slightly to his right.]

[Portrait of a stern looking, unidentified young man looking straight ahead.]

[Double portrait of two young siblings, Anna and George Henry Lea.]

John Gummere.

[Portrait of an unidentified woman, hair parted severly in the middle, wearing a black dress with white collar and cuffs.]

[Mrs. Isaac Lea, 1799-1874.]

[Portrait of an unidentifed woman] [graphic]

[Portrait of an unidentifed girl] [graphic]

[Portrait of an unidentifed woman] [graphic]

[Post mortem portrait of an unidentified man] [graphic] Keenan, 248 South Second St. Philada.

[Portrait of young man] [graphic]

Rev. Thomas Brainerd [graphic].

Anna Jaudon Lea, 1824-1912 with Francis Carey Lea and Charles M. Lea

[Unidentified child]