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West from Bennington

Allegheny Tunnel

Below Mineral Point

Lewiston Narrows

Turtle Creek near Stewarts

Stewarts Station

West from Pack Saddle

In the Pack Saddle

Weirs. Black Lick

North West

North from Connelsville [sic]

Beth Eden Baptist Church, Broad & Spruce streets, Philadelphia.

St. Marks Church Philadelphia.

Corliss engine. Mach Hall

Medical Department Building.

Pennsylvania Day. 1876.

Centennial opening - the orators. 1876.

Centennial opening - the choristers. 1876.

Guns in front of Gov't B'l'd'g.

Memorial Hall.

[James Green and Nephew display]

New Masonic Temple, Philadelphia.

St. George Society club house.

Masonic Hall, Phila.

Chimpanzees. Zoological Garden, Philada. From Africa. Age, 4 years.

Vermont State Building.

Pennsylvania State Building.

Elevated railway, Centennial Grounds.

Rhode Island State Building.

Michigan State Building.

Horticultural Hall.

Log cabin in "Ye olden times."

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Machinery Hall.

Res: English Commission. Rear.

Horticultural Hall.

[New England Glass Company display, Main Building]

Centennial grounds looking east.

State b'l'd'g's, New Hampshire Day.

Republic Avenue from Mach. Hall.

Lake from Mach. Hall.

Art Gallery and Memorial Hall - March 7.

Horticultural Hall.

Massachusetts State B'l'd'g.

[Canada Lumber Exhibit]

Arkansas State Building.

Main Building transept from N. Gallery.

Agri. Hall, Main Avenue.

Horticultural Hall, east end.