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Corn-time. / Past-time.


[George W. Miles trade cards]

J.W. Miller, wholesale dealer in books, stationery & cigars, No. 439 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


[Figure sitting in flowering tree]


[Lorenzo Puccini trade cards]

Stuart Robson and Wm. H. Crane.

Vell here is to mine healt, long may I live and prosper!

Romantic Park, High Bridge, G.W. Riley, proprietor. Music day & evening. Boats to let. Refreshments, &c.

Ripka & Co. artists' and wax flower materials, ebony and velvet frames, 146 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia.

[Rising Sun Stove Polish by Morse Bros. trade cards]

L. Prang & Co. art and educational publishers, Boston, Mass.

Robert Reid, machinist, 42, 44 & 46 E. Canal Street, below Front, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Theo. Ricksecker's trade cards]

The "Reading" route for Philadelphia and New York, is the quickest and best.

W.W. Reed, china & glass ware, lamps & oils, No. 450 Sixth Avenue, bet. 27th & 28th Sts., New York.

Pollywogs, the five cent cigar. Hand made Havana filled. Gumpert Bros. manufacturers. Store 1341 Chestnut St. Factory 115, 117, 119, 121 S. 23rd St. Phila. For sale everywhere.

From Porter's great American shoe store, 242 N. 8th St., Philadelphia.

Specialties in curtains and furniture , Walraven, 1105 Chestnut Street.

[Wanamaker & Brown trade cards]

[John Wanamaker & Co. unidentified location trade cards]

Ville de Paris, Dauphin, 18, E. 14th Str., New York.

F.H. Watt, agent, manufacturer and dealer in trunks, travelling bags and satchels, 437 Market Street, Philadelphia. Third door below Fifth.

Chas. B. Webb, manufacturer of fine boots & shoes, 211 N. Ninth Street, Philadelphia.

Warburton, "the" hatter, 430 Chestnut Street.

[Van Haagen's Toilet Soap, Benj. Brooke & Co., Manufs., Philadelphia trade cards]

Carrie Perkins.

Joseph L. Varnam, ladies' and gents' & children's boot & shoe maker, Bustleton, 23rd ward, Philad'a.

Compliments of H. Veit, 36 N. 11th Street, Philadelphia.

Edward Waldmayer, show card, sign, and ornamental painter, [No. 8 So. 5th St., below Mkt], Philadelphia.

Jas. Walker, dealer in fine groceries, 706 South Broad Street, (formerly with John H., Parker, 11th & Market Sts.) Orders by mail solicited.

Sept. 1st, 1879, Great Play, Andre Fortier.

Union Tea Co., No. 1735 North 10th Street, teas, coffees, & spices. Handsome & useful presents given away with tea and coffee.

Tally Ho. Alex. Kenney. 102 South Broad St., Philadelphia.

Miss E. Levy, 1018 Chestnut St., Phila. Umbrellas & parasols, leather goods, fans.

Henry Hill, Philadelphia agent, William Penn Hotel, 38th and Market Sts.

[James S. Loag trade cards]

La. Berroth, stationery & fancy ornaments, No. 1212 Poplar St., Philadelphia.

J.A. Ladd & Son, booksellers and stationers. Holiday cards a specialty. 37 West Gay Street, West Chester, Pa.

[Laird, Schober & Mitchell trade cards]

Seeds & bulbs, implements and tools for farm, garden and greenhouse, D. Landreth & Sons, 21 & 22 South Sixth St., Philad'a.

Ph. J. Lauber's restaurant, Centennial grounds, near Horticultural Hall.

J. Kift & Son, florists, choice cut flowers and blooming plants. 1721 1/2 Chestnut St., Phila.

Dealers in Toffler's patented round, square & flat rolling wood matting adapted and in use for railroad and street cars, hotels, saloons, stores, markets, bath rooms, water closets, &c. &c. [over]

King Iron Bridge & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

[C.J. Kino trade cards]

O. E. Kirchhoff, photographer. No. 527 & 529 Chestnut St., cor. 6th.

No rewashing - always uniform. Kirk's blue India soap. No blueing required when this soap is used.