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The Union must and shall be preserved! : Jas. F. Wintermute Norton, Ohio, has just received direct from Philadelphia, a good assortment of seasonable goods consisting of usual variety, which will be offered at the best possible prices for case of approved

Fort Sumter : I. & A.N. Stauffer respectfully announce that they have just received from Philadelphia, their new spring & summer goods consisting of dry goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps hardware, queensware, groceries, &c. which they are determined t

Huntington, Mary Hallam, 1813-1820.

Misses Frances and Almira Hall

King & Baird's edition Zouave light infantry tactics. : By Major J.H. De Witt, of Baxter's Fire Zouaves. Revised and corrected by Col. John M. Gosline, of the Pennsylvania Zouaves. With sixty-four illustrations. One volume, 12mo., 160 pages. Price twenty-

Vote for representative, Fourteenth District, Alex'r Cummings.

Fifth Ward peoples' Union ticket. For alderman, H.E. Wallace.

Union, Lincoln and victory! 10th Ward. 10th Ward. National Union ticket! : Congress, second dist., Charles O'Neill. Representative, eighth dist., James N. Kerns. Select Council, Joshua Spering! Common Council, Edwin V. Machette! School directors, Alexande

National Union Candidat für Congress Dritter Distrikt Leonard Myers.

National Union ticket. 14th Ward. 14th Ward.

Union ticket! Protection to American industry.

Attention soldiers : Mr. A. Winch, of 320 Chestnut Street, has engaged our "Quaker City poet" Elmer Ruán Coates, Esq. to furnish you a series of patriotic ballads!! Applicable to every situation of martial life, as you will often resort to the power of mu

Democrats rally, and support the genuine ticket! : President, Geo. B. McClellan. Vice president, C.L. Vallandigham. Governor, Geo. W. Woodward. Supreme judge, Walter H. Lowrie.

"Have you seen anything of a Merrimac about here?" [graphic] / Morse.

Congress, 3d district, Leonard Myers!

National Union ticket 20th Ward! : Lincoln, Johnson. Congress, Wm. D. Kelley Assembly, Franklin D. Sterner, 1st and 2d divisions. George De Haven, Jr., 3d and 11th divisions. Francis Hood, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th divisions. Common Council, J

National Union ticket : Für Präsident: Abraham Lincoln von Illinois. Für Vice-Präsident: Andrew John von Tennessee. Man untersuche vorsichtig das nachstehende Ticket. Wähler.--- Electors. Morton McMichael, ...

Lincoln, Johnson and victory! Rally! Rally! : Grand Union mass meeting! At Oxford, Chester Co., Pa.

Lincoln and Johnson! Rally! Rally! : Grand Union mass meeting, barbecue and public dinner! At Elkton, Md. Wednesday, November 2d. The following distinguished speakers will be present to address the meeting: Hon. Thomas Swann, Dr. C.C. Cox, Hon. E.H. Webst

15th Ward National Union ticket : For president, Abraham Lincoln For vice president, Andrew John Electors. Morton McMichael ... Be careful and examine you tickets.

No party but our country 9th Ward! 9th Ward! : State officers. Governor, Andrew G. Curtin Judge of Supreme Court, Hon. Daniel Agnew Assembly, sixth district, Isaac H. O'Harra City officers. City treasurer, Henry Bumm, city commissioner, Philip Hamilton Re

National Union nominees. : For Congress, Chas. O'Neill. For Representative, first district, Wm. Foster.

Tenth Ward! The friends of Lincoln and Johnson! : Will assemble at corner of Broad and Race Streets, this, Friday evening, at half-past 7 o'clock, to make the necessary arrangments to participate in the grand torchlight parade on Saturday night Citizens o

National Union ticket : For president, Abraham Lincoln For vice president, Andrew Johnson. Be careful and examine your tickets. Electors. Morton McMichael, ...

John A. Dorward, veterinary surgeon. Office: 1043 North Ninth St., Reading, Pa.

Charles Corless, Glen Riddle, Pa. The best cow milker in the world.

Circular. Press on, to victory! : The disabled soldier, truly grateful for recent considerations, on short acquaintance, humbly begs to inform the citizens of Philadelphia, and an appreciative public, that he is established at Stand No. 2, near S.W. corne

The New Year's address of the newsmen of the New York herald, to its subscribers and readers, January 1, 1862.

The Carrier's Christmas and New-Year rhymes to the patrons of the American Presbyterian. 1864-65

Daily evening bulletin,

Daily evening bulletin, / Peacock, Chambers & Co. G. Peacock, editor. F.L. Fetherston, publisher.

The Carrier's address to the patrons of the Christian instructor. December 25, 1861.

The Sun carriers address. January 1, 1862.

Attention! The best military book ever published. Now ready, Baxter's Volunteer's manual, : containing full instructions for the recruit, in the schools of the soldier and squad, given in the most simple style, ... Illustrated with over 100 engravings, ..

Hubbel & Co.'s Celebrated Golden Bitters. The best tonic in the world. : By tonics are understood those substances the operation of which is to give vigor and strength to the system. ... This tonic is no humbug, but is in fact the best in the world. ... /

The way they "catch" men in Pennsylvania [graphic].

The way a Virginian treated a New Englander [graphic].

The lips of the wise disperse knowledge. [graphic].

The humanity of the Africo-Americans [graphic].

The runaway [graphic].

"Incendiary pictures" [graphic].

How can it be done? [graphic].

How slavery honors our country's flag [graphic].

Scenes in the city prison of New York [graphic].

The runaway [graphic].