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A fact with a short commentary [graphic].

History of the slave, James [graphic].

A Northern freeman enslaved by Northern hands [graphic].

Emancipated slaves can take care of themselves [graphic].

Southern arguments to stop the mouths of Northern guests [graphic].

[African climbing palm tree] [graphic].

Maisons des Negres du Cap Mezurado [graphic] / K. De Putter.

After what manner the Hottentots secure their cattle in the night ; The carriage - oxen of the Hottentots [graphic].

The kraals and hutts of the Hottentots ; The Hottentot skinner. [graphic].

The Hottentots butcher ; The Hottentot mat-maker, potter & c. [graphic].

An inhabitant of Angola [graphic].

Supplice d'un homme et d'une femme adulteres a Juda [graphic].

The Freedman's Bureau! An agency to keep the negro in idleness at the expense of the white man. Twice vetoed by the president, and made a law by congress. Support Congress & you support the negro. Sustain the president & you protect the white man [graphic

Nigritae exhaustis venis metallicis conficiendo saccharo operam dare debent. [graphic].

Nigritae in scrutandis venis metallicis ab Hispanis in Insulas Abelgantur. [graphic].

Commerce des Esclaves [graphic].

Chaine d'esclaves venant de l'interieur [Senegal] [graphic].

Negre jouant du balafo [graphic].

Tisserand negre [graphic].

Negresse battant le coton au lieu de le carder [graphic].

Negresse filant le coton [graphic].

Negresse etudiant le jeu de Ouri [graphic].

[The king of Benin and his army] [graphic].

[The king's seat] [graphic].

[Ehem, or little boats, and jenge-jenge, or African bridges, in Negroland] [graphic].

Dracht en wapening der Hottentots = The Hottentots clothing and their dress. [graphic].

[Punishments for deserters] [graphic].

[Methods and instruments of restraint, plate II] [graphic].

[Methods and instruments of restraint, plate III] [graphic].

The black Republicans at their devotions. [graphic]

David Paul Brown [graphic] / Mumford.

The old flag. : This truly American volume is earnestly commended to public favor. Its publication, at this time, is very opportune. ... The old flag. 368 pp. 16mo. Cloth. Beautifully illustrated. Price, $1.25. / Published by the American Sunday-School Un

A remarkable book. Now ready: Journal of Alfred Ely, a prisoner of war in Richmond. : Edited by Charles Lanman. 1 vol., 12mo, illustrated with a steel plate portrait of Alfred Ely, and a wood engraving of the prision at Richmond. Price, $1.00. This work g

Carrier's address for the Christian instructor. 1864 1864 : A happy New Year.

The results of abolitionism. [graphic]

The two platforms. [graphic]

Zouave attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

Officer with telescope woodcut

Mounted cavalry soldier woodcut

Liberty with flag woodcut

Man leading stallion woodcut

Encampment woodcut

Eagle with shield woodcut

Marines woodcut

Regimental parade woodcut

Sailing ship woodcut

U.S. flag surmounting globe woodcut

Military camp woodcut

Union soldier attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

Union soldier charging forward in battle woodcut