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Soldiers standing at attention woodcut

Three people with flag woodcut

Transporting cannon woodcut

Soldiers marching woodcut

Trotting stallion woodcut

Eagle with flag and banner woodcut

Four mounted officers woodcut

George Washington with flag woodcut

Eagle with blank banner on horn woodcut

Eagle with "E pluribus unum" banner woodcut

Eagle with flag woodcut

Eagle on drum with flags woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle wearing chain with shield woodcut

Eagle with banner woodcut

Cannon woodcut

Cannon with soldiers woodcut

Cannon and flag woodcut

Eagle on shield woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut.

Cavalry charge woodcut

Yankee notions for Feb.

Yankee notions for July.

Baxter's Handbuch des Freiwilligen. : Scott's Taktik. Enthaltend eine Rekruten, in den Schulen des Soldaten und des Trupps und sum Gebrauch der Heim-Garde (Home Guard.) Mit über hundert Illustrationen. Von Lieutenant-Colonel. D.W.C. Baxter. Herausgegeben

Comic monthly June.

Bought of John Hays & Co., miners and dealers in all kinds of hard and soft coal and coke. Office and dock: C. & P. R'y coal pier and 9 Prospect St. Cleveland, Ohio.

[Thomas Cooper] [graphic].

[Chain gang] [graphic].

[Whip and paddle] [graphic].

[Thomas Cooper] [graphic] / G.L. Brown sc.

[An emancipated family] [graphic].

The poor mother [graphic].

The praying child. [graphic].

A slave-ship [graphic].

All men born free and equal? [graphic].

Tearing up free papers [graphic].

[Family ties broken up] [graphic].

[Mother taken away] [graphic].

[Log-yokes used by the Mandingoes to restrain slaves.] [graphic].

A slave caught without a pass [graphic].

The nation's act [graphic].

When slaves are purchased by the planters; they are generally marked on the breast with a red hot iron. [graphic].

I am a man, your brother [graphic] / GB sc.

Do the slaves desire their liberty? [graphic].

The cruelties of slavery [graphic].

The desperation of a mother [graphic].

The flogging of females [graphic].

What has the North to do with slavery? [graphic].

John Bull's monarchy a refuge from Brother Jonathan's slavery. [graphic].