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[Storefronts on Market Street, 300 block, south side, Philadelphia]

Eugene Roussel's celebrated mineral waters in glass botttles for hotels, families & shipping

West Philadelphia Sadiron Works, M.L. Keen & Brother, Proprietors.

[Morocco leather manufactory, B. D. Stewart, S.E. corner of Willow Street and Old York Road, Philadelphia]

George W. Watson coach & harness maker. Philadelphia.

[Piper & Andrews, warm air furnace manufactory. Cooking ranges. 82 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia]

[Knight's patent paper machine, manufactory. A.L. Knight & Co.]

[J. Willis, shoe manufactory, 241 Arch Street, Philadelphia]

[Robert Shoemaker's wholesale & retail drugstore, corner of Second and Green Streets, Philadelphia]

[N. Helverson undertaker, 93 Coates Street, Philadelphia]

[William P. Cresson's foundry, Willow above Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia]

[Conrad & Roberts hardware & cutlery, 123 N. Third Street, Philadelphia]

[T. Sharpless & Sons, wholesale ware room, clothes, cassimeres, merinoes, silks and vestings and Pekin Tea Company, South Second Street and Trotter's Alley, Philadelphia]

John C. Baker & Co. wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints & dye stuffs, No. 100, North Third St. Philadelphia.

[J. C. Jenkins & Co. grocery and tea store, S.W. corner of Chestnut and 12th Streets, Philadelphia]

[C. F. Mansfield. Paper hangings. Wholesale and retail, 275 South Second Street, Philadelphia]

[Southwark Coffee & Spice Mills. J. O. Thornley.]

United States Hotel, Philadelphia

Jules Hauel's eau lustral hair restorative

Dr. George Stuart's botanical syrup and vegetable pills, the greatest family medicine in the world.

[James Lane's stove store, No. 218 North Third Street, Philadelphia]

Wakefield Manufacturing Company. Hosiery. Germantown, Philada. County.

[Wm. D. Rogers' coach manufactory, Sixth and Brown Streets, Philadelphia]

John C. Farr & Co. importers of watches, watchmakers tools. Silver & plated ware, musical boxes, etc. No. 112, Chestnut St. between 3rd & 4th St. Philada.

[Joseph Feinour & Son stove store and Joseph Feinour's tin, copper brass & iron ware house 213-215 South Front Street, Philadelphia]

[Savery & Co. Phila. iron hollow ware foundry]

Newmarket hardware, cutlery and nail store, 244 South Second Street, Philadelphia

Finn & Burton's paper hangings warehouse No 142, Arch St. Phila.

[William Newell. Store. No. 3 So. Water Street, Philadelphia]

Potter & Carmichael, oil cloth manufacturers warehouse, No. 135, North Third Street, Philadelphia.

[George Mecke cabinet maker and upholsterer, No 355, North 2nd St. nearly opposite Tammany St. Philadelphia.]

[T. E. Chapman, book store and book bindery, 74 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia]

[Womrath & Neville, manufactory of fringes, tassels, cords & c. & Geo. F. Womrath, fur store, 15 & 13 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia]

H. P. & W. C. Taylor perfumers

Robert Wood's steam iron railing works, Ridge Road above Buttonwood St, Philadelphia.

[Donnelly's steam patent match manufactory, Linden Street near the Stone Bridge, Philadelphia]

H.S. Tarr monument, &c. marble mantle manufacturer.

[Patent improved lead pipe sheet lead and composition gas tubes, manufactured by Tatham & Brothers, office 15 Minor Street, Philadelphia, and No. 249 Water Street, New York.]

[Hartley & Knight's bedding warehouse, 148 South Second Street, Philadelphia]

[Charles Gilbert's stove manufactory, 249 North Second Street, Philadelphia]