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M. H. Traubel & Co. respectfully call your attention to their Lithographic Institute, no. 46 1/2 Walnut St. opposite the Merchants Exchange. Philadelphia

To M. H. Traubel & Co. 46 1/2 Walnut St. opposite the Exchange. [billhead]

Wagner & McGuigan's lithographic & steam power printing establishment Athenian Building, Franklin Place.

L.N. Rosenthal. Lithographic office, removed to N.W. cor. of Fifth & Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia.

Henry Adolph, manufacturer of furniture wholesale and retail, warerooms no. 36 North Second St., one door above the Christ Church Philadelphia.

Joseph Ripka's mills. Manayunk 21st Ward Philadelphia. Manufacturer of all description of plain and fancy cottonades for men & boy's clothing warehouse 32 So. Front St.

Freight locomotive engine for Pennsylvania Rail Road manufactured by Richard Norris & Son Philadelphia.

Thos. S. Wagner, formerly Wagner & McGuigan lithographers, Franklin Place, no. 38. Lithography in all its branches.

Jacob Haehnlen's lithographic & fancy printing establishment, No. 125 South Third Street, directly opposite Girard Bank, Philadelphia.

Cornelius & Baker, 181 Cherry Street, Philadelphia. Manufacturers of lamps, gas fixtures etc.

R. & G.A. Wright [graphic] : Manufacturers of the celebrated gold medal perfumery and importers of French, English & German druggist & fancy articles, no. 23 South 4th St. Philadelphia. / Reen, engr.

Hoofland's German bitters, a pure tonic.

T. Sinclair & Co. lithographers Philadelphia.

Samuel Simes, operative & dispensing chemist. Store and family medicine laboratory. N.W. corner Chestnut & Twelfth sts. [graphic] / J. Mucklow [sic].

[McAllister & Brother, opticians, 728 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / A. Bigot, del.

Williams anti-dyspeptic elixir. Prepared by Dr. James Williams, no. 4 South Seventh Street, 3 doors below Market St. Philadelphia. [graphic].

George J. Henkels. City cabinet warerooms, 173 Chesnut [sic] Street, Phila. [graphic].

Hoofland's German bitters, a pure tonic. [graphic].

Longworth's sparkling Catawba & Isabella, still & sweet Catawba, and Catawba Brandy. Cincinnati. [graphic].

Powers & Weightman manufacturing chemists Philadelphia

A. Hawley & Co., perfumers and chemists, no. 39 North Fourth Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.

Harrison's Handkerchief Extracts

Cooking ranges.

Charles Oakford & Sons model hat store nos 826 & 828, Chestnut Street, Continental Hotel. Philadelphia. Hats, caps & furs, wholesale & retail.

Roussel's premium perfumery

Abbott & Lawrence. Liberty Stove Works, Brown Street above Fourth St. Philada.

Hoskins, Hieskell & Co. Importers & jobbers of fancy and staple dry goods. No. 213 Market & 34 Commerce St. Philada.

Bennett's Tower Hall, clothing bazaar, no. 518 Market Street, bet[ween] 5th & 6th, Philadelphia.

Robert Wood's railing, architectural & ornamental iron works, Ridge Road below Spring Garden St., Philadelphia.