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Theo. Leonhardt & Son. Lithographers. 324 & 326 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Winter scene in Philadelphia.

[Gumpert Bros., cigar manufacturers, 1341 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Bergner & Engel's Brewery. Office, 412 Library Street. Brewery, 32d and Thompson Sts. Philadelphia.

[Powers & Weightman, chemical manufactory, Philadelphia]

William Mann, stationer, blank book maker, steam-power printer & lithographer, 529 Market & 526 Commerce Sts., Philadelphia.

Martin Landenberger & Co.

Centennial Circular 1876.

The best wines, liquors, & lager beer, we are selling here = Die besten weine, liquors, ale and lager bier, gind in haben hier.

Compliments of the American Sewing Machine Company :

Hotel Lafayette. Situated on Broad St. betw. Chestnut & Walnut sts. Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

S. D. Sollers & Co. manufacturers of children's fine shoes, Philadelphia

Phoenix Oil Co. Phila.

George & James M. Bullock. "Conshohocken Woolen Mills" :

Chas. A. Smith. Barbers supplies. Jefferson and Randolph [Streets] Philadelphia.

Lehman & Bolton steam power lithographic & letter press printing rooms. Library Street, Goldsmith's Hall. Opp. Post Office, Philadelphia.

Solar Tip shoes for children

Solar Tip Shoes

Commercial lithography of Theo. Leonhardt & Co., 324 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Specimen of crayon work for Theo. Leonhardt & Son. Lithographers. 324 & 326 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Centennial. 1776. 1876. Dwight Compy.

Agricultural Implement Manufactory. Heebner & Sons. Lansdale, Montgomery Co. PA.

Christopher Gallagher. Wholesale liquor dealer.

Mason's challenge blacking Philadelphia [graphic] / National Bureau of Engrav[ing] Philada., 435 Chestnut Street.

Smoke Day's standard Durham smoking tobacco

Perkins & McFarland, late of Rand, Perkins & Co. Sole manufacturers and wholesale and retail dealers in the air-tight standard heaters & cooking ranges


"The Pride of Nottingham"

"The Pride of Nottingham"

"The Pride of Nottingham"

Pavilion, Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia, Pa.

Custom House and Post Office, Philadelphia, Pa.

Fairmount Water Works.

"Domestic" and Grover & Baker sewing machines, and "Domestic" Fashion Rooms, 1111 Chestnut St., Phila.

J. Hoover, pictures and frames, 628 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Lehman & Bolton, lithographers, printers, engravers & publishers, 418, 420, 422 Library St., Philadelphia.

Green's August Flower and Boschee's German Syrup. Portfolio of views in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

E. O. Thompson, merchant tailor, no. 908 Walnut St. Philadelphia.

Clark & Sons 230 Dock St. Phila.

[Stereograph showing the office of the Grand Union Hotel advertising Maine druggists J.H. Irish & Co. on verso] [graphic].

Beadle's half dime singer's library. Selected favorites. Comic and sentimental songs of all nations and ages. [graphic] : "An encyclopedia of song." For sale here. Price five cents. / N. Orr, N. Y.

Rosengarten & Sons, Manufacturing Chemists, Philadelphia.

[Business correspondence of Weeks & Potter, importers & jobbers of drugs and druggists sundries, Boston, Ma.]

Munn & Co., 37 Park Row, N.Y, solicitors of American and foreign patents and publishers of the "Scientific American."