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A lecture under the auspices of the People's Literary Institute, : for the benefit of the Volunteer Refreshment Saloons of Philad'a, will be delivered at Concert Hall, Tuesday evening, Dec. 3d, by Bayard Taylor, Esq. Subject--"The American people." Ticket

Lecture Saturday evening, May 28th, at Sansom St. Hall. : Come one and all, ladies and gentlemen, and hear the condition of the South by one that has just made his escape from there. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Lecturing to commence at 8. Admittance, 50 cent

America in England. : W.W. Broom, (the first Union advocate in Manchester, and old champion of reform in England) will relate the history of the formation of opinion in England on the American struggle. ... Croton Hall, 187 Bowery, Thursday evening, Feb.

Prof. C.C. Schaeffer will repeat his lecture on Hamlet, : the first of his course, for the benefit of U.S. Sanitary Commission, with diagrams, (free) at the hall of the university, Ninth Street, above Chestnut, on Friday, June 24, 1864, at 5 o'clock, P.M.

Civil War Volunteer Saloons and Hospitals Ephemera Collection. 1861-1868 (inclusive).