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[Jefferson Medical College]

[St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Spring Garden Street, south side, west of 13th Street, Philadelphia]

[Chestnut Street, rooftop view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut Street] [graphic].

[Chestnut Street, rooftop view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut Street] [graphic].

[Chestnut Street in the snow, view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut Street] [graphic].

Fifth above Arch Street, westside, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Chew mansion, Germantown] [graphic] / [Taken February 1857 by James E. McClees]

Jefferson House, so. west corner of Seventh and Market st. [graphic] / Photograph by McClees

Wire Bridge (Fairmount). From the southeast in the spring of 1855. [graphic] / McClees.

[Chestnut Street, rooftop view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut Street] [graphic].

[Family posed in front of clapboard house] [graphic]

Fourth Street above Pine Street [graphic].

[Eagle Hotel and Farmer's and Mechanic's House, probably at Water and Spruce streets] [graphic]

[New England House and Edward France Hotel, 114 Dock Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Little Dock and Spruce streets, northwest corner, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Baptist Church, 5th & Buttonwood streets. [graphic].

Fairmount from below Lemon Hill. [graphic].

Joseph Waterman's Western Exchange Hotel, 15th & Market streets. [graphic] / Photograph by McClees 626 Chestnut St. Philada.

[Police Station, Union Street between Third and Fourth streets, south side, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

View of the toll-house, Superintendents residence, and part of Schuylkill Canal, &c. on the W. side of River Schuylkill, opposite Fairmount [graphic].

[Eastern State Penitentiary] [graphic].

Schuylkill Navigation Co. canal and Fairmount Water Works in the distance [graphic].

Northwest corner Fourth and Pine streets. [graphic]

Independence Hall or State House, from the N.E. across the ruins made by the great fire N.W. corner of Chestnut & Fifth St. [graphic].

Southeast corner Spruce and Fourth. [graphic].

Jefferson Medical College So. Tenth Street. [graphic].

Rev. Durborrow's (Episcopal) Church, Callowhill near Fairmount [graphic].

[Founder's Hall, Girard College, 1201-1211 West College Avenue, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, Chestnut Street above 4th, north side, Philadelphia] [graphic]

Gartley's portable steam engine, Front ab. Arch [graphic].

Mansion of Mr. William Young at Rockland, Delaware. Built 1802. [graphic] / Richards.

The Willing Mansion house, as it appeared Aug. 30, 1856. [graphic] : The three buildings in the view on the south, occupy the site of a part of the garden of the Mansion. They were built in the year.

Harrison's Row, Locust St. bel. 18th. [graphic].

Old Swedes Church [graphic].

[Unidentified church, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[Water Street at Spruce Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

The Butler Mansion, N.W. corner of Chestnut & Eighth Sts. [graphic].

The Butler Mansion house, N.W. cor. Chestnut & Eighth St. After the posters were removed. [graphic] / Taken by McClees in the spring of 1856.

Wood & Perot factory [graphic]

[Dundas-Lippincott mansion, northeast corner of Broad and Walnut streets, Philadelphia] [graphic]

[J. Struthers & Son marble yard, including a crane, 22nd and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia.] [graphic]

Spring Garden Water Works. [graphic].

Harrison's House, 18th and Locust at Rittenhouse Square. [graphic].

[Robert Morris Hotel & Fairmount House, Coates Street wharf on the Schuylkill opposite Fairmount Waterworks, Philadelphia] [graphic]

[Spring Garden Institute, northeast corner Broad and Spring Garden streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Eugene Duffy, inn, southwest corner of Dock and Water streets] [graphic].

[Wm. Wilson & Son, manufacturers of silverware, northwest corner Fifth and Cherry streets] [graphic].

[Wines and liquors. Wholesale and retail store, northeast corner Second and Spruce streets] [graphic].

[M'Clees & Germon daguerreotype rooms, 160 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[S.E. corner of South and Second streets] [graphic].