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Machinery Hall - North Avenue - April 1

Japaneses bronzes - Main Building.

Guns in Front of Government Building

Transept - Machinery Hall

Log Cabin Studies, 'Spinning'

U.S. Government Building and State Avenue from West end.

Machinery Hall - South Avenue from West End

Delaware State Building.

Canadian cheese factory.

Floral Hall - West End

Horticulural Building - S.W. Forcing Room.

The 20 Ton Rodman Gun

Horticultural Hall, East front.

Lighthouse [Beacon]- Government Building

Agricultural Hall.

Main Building - North side.

State buildings, "New Hampshire Day."

American Steamship Company's Exhibit - Machinery Hall

Machinery Hall, South Ave. from East end.

Women's Pavilion.

Pump Annex - Machinery Hall

Gloucester (Mass.) Fishery Exhibit - Agricultural Building

Horticultural Hall.

Variation "Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle

Machinery Hall - South Avenue Looking East

The locomotive of "1835".

Mammoth Grape Vine in Santa Barbara

Swedish School House - Interior

Rhododendrons Horticultural Grounds

Massachusetts State Building.

Judge's Pavilion.

Century Plant - Floral Hall.

Connolly's [sic] statue, "Ophelia" --  Memorial Hall.

View from Catholic Fountain

Pandanus Javanicus Variegates

Memorial Hall

Kansas Exhibit - Kansas and Colorado Building

Machinery Hall - Russian Section

Women's Pavilion from Gallery

Belmont Avenue.

Steam Fire Engine Exhibit - Machinery Hall

Horticultural Building - Floral Hall - April

Government Building, Main Isle

Republic Avenue from Machinery Hall.

Selection from the Elkington exhibit, Main Building.

Ice Yacht - Machinery Hall

Horticultural Hall, from Grounds

Group of Deer - U.S. Government Building

U.S. Government Building - Main Avenue Looking West

Machinery Hall.