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Bought of Russell & Landis, importers & wholesale druggists, & dealers in paints, oils, glass, varnishes, & c., also manufacturers of pure lily white lead, hunters iron paint, & ivory white lead. no. 5 North Fifth Street (3 doors above Market.)

Bought of Stretch, Bennett & Co. (Successors to Peter T. Wright & Co.) Importers of and dealers in drugs and medicines. Also brandies & wines for medical purposes. No. 609 Market St.

Bought of Artman, Dillinger & Co. Wholesale dealers in cotton yarns, carpet chain, carpets, ratting, wadding, tie, and wick yarns, oil cloths, window sh[ades], door mats, grain bags, cordage brushes, looking glasses, wood[en] [a]nd willow ware, &c. 104 No

[Billheads of John L. Singer & Co., later Singer & Bistline, dealer in drugs, paints, oils, and notions, Newport, Perry County, Pa.]

To A. M. Knowlson, dr. Pharmaceutist, natural flowers of every description, for parties, weddings, funerals, &c., furnished at short notice. No. 350 Broadway, Troy, N.Y.

[Billheads of Benjamin W. Fetters, wholesale druggist, N.E. cor. Third & Brown Streets, Philadelphia]

Bought of Edwin Hall, no. 28 South Second St., silks, shawls, dress goods, cloths, mourning goods, furnishing goods, gloves, hosiery, embroideries, laces, white goods &c.

To Fenstermacher Brothers, Dr. Shipping and commission merchants, no. 5 Walnut Street, above Delaware Avenue, oysters, fruits, poultry, &c.

Bought of F. Millett & Co. Wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic fruits, spices, olive oils, canned goods, &c. No. 5 Arch Street.

Bought of James S. Aspinwall, druggist, 86 William Street.

Belmont Petroleum Refinery. Refiners of and dealers in illuminating and lubricating oil. Benzine & parafine. For exportation and home consumption. Office No. 333 Market St. Refinery at Belmont. [graphic].

Whann's Super Phosphate Manufactory. Walton, Whann & Co., proprietors. Wilmington, Delaware, office, Front & Market sts.

Whann's Super Phosphate Manufactory. Walton, Whann & Co., proprietors. Wilmington, Delaware, office, Front & Market sts. [graphic] : Daniel Fields, general agent for the Southern states.

James Bellak, 279 & 281 South Fifth Street, sole agent for Ernest Gabler's celebrated piano fortes. Prince & Co.'s world renowned melodeons and harmoniums. Raven & Bacon's first class pianos. [graphic].

Office of Thomas Sinclair's Lithographic Establishment, 506 & 508 North Street, Philadelphia. [billhead]

[Billheads from Omaha, Nebraska businesses issued to Dr. Charles L. Heizmann]

[Collection of business stationery of Robert Shoemaker & Co., wholesale druggists, N.E. cor. Fourth and Race Streets, Philadelphia]