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Bought of Edward C. Jones & Co. Successors to Amos H. Yarnall & Co. Wholesale druggists, manufacturers and dealers in drugs, chemicals, pharmaceutical preparations, perfumery, spices, patent medicines, druggists' sundries, & c. Also, paints, oils, glass,

Bought of the Hasting and McIntosh Truss Co. Manufacturers of indestructible hard rubber trusses, (trade mark registered.), leather covered & elastic trusses, supporters, shoulder braces, etc. For the U.S. government, home & export trade. 224 South Ninth

Bought of Russell & Landis, importers & wholesale druggists, & dealers in paints, oils, glass, varnishes, & c., also manufacturers of pure lily white lead, hunters iron paint, & ivory white lead. no. 5 North Fifth Street (3 doors above Market.)

Robert Barker & Co. Manufacturers and wholesale druggists. Selling agents for Barker's H&C Powder & N&B Liniment. 135 Arch Street.

Bought of Stretch, Bennett & Co. (Successors to Peter T. Wright & Co.) Importers of and dealers in drugs and medicines. Also brandies & wines for medical purposes. No. 609 Market St.

Bought of William A. Whittem, apothecary, dealer in segars, stationery &c. Opposite rail road depot.

Bought of Breinig, Fronefield & Co. Druggists & chemists, no. 187 North 3rd Street. Wholesale dealers and importers of drugs, medicines, paints, dye stuffs, glass, perfumery &c.&c.

Andrew Blair, apothecary, Chestnut & 18th Sts., Philadelphia.

Bot. of Frederick Klett & Co., wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, dye-stuffs, paints, black lead and sand crucibles, window glass &c.

Bought of H.O.D. Banks & Co., wholesale dealers in drugs, chemicals, paints, glass, coal oil, & c. Store, s. w. cor. fourth & Callowhill Sts.

Bo't of the Alford & Berkele Co. Manufacturers' agents & exporters guns, pistols, cutlery, plated ware, specialties in hardware, etc., etc. P.O. Box 2002. 77 Chambers Street.

Bought of Artman, Dillinger & Co. Wholesale dealers in cotton yarns, carpet chain, carpets, ratting, wadding, tie, and wick yarns, oil cloths, window sh[ades], door mats, grain bags, cordage brushes, looking glasses, wood[en] [a]nd willow ware, &c. 104 No

Cedar Hollow Lime Company. Depot 900 Jefferson Street.

Bought of C. Cumming & Co. Manufacturers & dealers in twine, glues, curled hair, hide whips, sand paper, lace leather, horns, bones, neats' foot oil, plastering hair & c. Factory -St. John STreet, above Beaver, Philad'a. Stores---nos. 3, 5 & 7 South Third

Bought of Breinig, Fronefield & Co. Druggists & chemists, no. 187 North 3rd Street. Wholesale dealers and importers of drugs, medicines, paints, dye stuffs, glass, perfumery &c.&c.

Bought of J. E. Caldwell & Co. Jewelers. No. 902 Chestnut St.

Francis Stearns & Co. Manufacturing pharmacists, Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.

[Billheads of George Walker, druggist, Hall's X Roads, Aberdeen, Md.]

Bought of C. L. Wright, apothecary and druggist, 21 Bollingbrook Street.

Bought of Max Zeller, importer & wholesale druggist, 37 Bowery.

Bought of Rodgers Brothers, wholesale druggists, and dealers in paints, oils & varnishes.

[Billheads of John L. Singer & Co., later Singer & Bistline, dealer in drugs, paints, oils, and notions, Newport, Perry County, Pa.]

Bought of Browning & Brothers, wholesale druggists, and dealers in white and red lead, litharge, linseed oil, oil of vitriol, window glass, putty, dye stuffs, &c.&c. No. 33 Market Street.

[Billheads of William B. Blanding, druggist, 54 & 58 Weybosset St., Providence, R.I.]

[Billheads of L. N. Brunswig, exporter, importer and wholesale druggist, New Orleans, La.]

Bought of Canby, Gilpin & Co. Import and export druggists & druggists sundrymen. North west corner Light & Lombard Streets.

[Billheads of C.J. Lincoln Co.,wholesale druggists, Little Rock, Arkansas]

Bought of Mackeown, Thompson & Co., wholesale druggists, 195 Liberty Street, Pittsburgh

Bought of Marsh, Northrop & Co., wholesale dealers in drugs, medicines, chemicals, perfumery, stationery, spices, dry-woods, dye-stuffs, paints, oils &c. Burning fluid, alcohol, camphene & spirits turpentine, at manufacturer's prices.

Nelson, Baker & Co., manufacturing pharmacists.

[Billheads of William F. Nick, apothecary, dealer in drugs, medicines, and chemicals, Erie, Pa.]

[Billheads of Houston Drug Company, druggists, Houston, Tx.]

[Business stationery of J. L. Lyons & Co., wholesale druggists, importers and manufacturing chemists, 222,224 & 226 Camp, 529, 531, 533, 535 & 537 Gravier Sts., New Orleans, La.]

To A. M. Knowlson, dr. Pharmaceutist, natural flowers of every description, for parties, weddings, funerals, &c., furnished at short notice. No. 350 Broadway, Troy, N.Y.

Bought of Collins Brothers Drug Company, wholesale druggists. 418, 420, 422 & 424 N. 2d. St.

Bought of Eimer & Amend, wholesale druggists, 205, 207, 209 & 211 Third Ave., cor. 18th St.

Bought of E. & S. Frey, druggists, no. 314 Baltimore Street.

[Billheads of Benjamin W. Fetters, wholesale druggist, N.E. cor. Third & Brown Streets, Philadelphia]

To J. Mullin, dr. Coupes and carriages to hire. Stable, 1522 Rundle Street.

Bought of Potts & Roberts, importers and dealers in foreign and American iron & steel and heavy hardware. Warehouse, Third & Willlow Sts.

To Read & Sutters, dr. Chair manufacturers, S.W. cor. Front & Green Streets, No. 536 North Front St., ware room second story.

Bought of Geo. D. Sprecher, importer and dealer in foreign and domestic hardware, saddlery, cutlery, paints, oils, varnishes, glass &c. A general assortment of bar, hoop, & sheet iron, steel, lead pipe, safety fuse, rock powder, cedar ware, cabinet moldin

Bought of Edwin Hall, no. 28 South Second St., silks, shawls, dress goods, cloths, mourning goods, furnishing goods, gloves, hosiery, embroideries, laces, white goods &c.

Bought of John Westney, agt. Late of Shill, Jr. & Co., manufacturer and dealer in baby carriages, boys' & girls' velocipedes, bicycles, express wagons. All kinds of carriages and velocipedes repaired, nos. 214 and 226 Dock Street.

To Fenstermacher Brothers, Dr. Shipping and commission merchants, no. 5 Walnut Street, above Delaware Avenue, oysters, fruits, poultry, &c.

Bought of F. Millett & Co. Wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic fruits, spices, olive oils, canned goods, &c. No. 5 Arch Street.

Bot of Mord. & Sam. N. Lewis, no. 135 South Front Street near the drawbridge, agents of the Philadelphia Lead Works.

Bought of George A. Clark & Brother, sole agents for the Clark Thread Company. 14 South Fifth Street. Clark's O.N.T. crochet & darning cotton's.

Bought of Chas. P. Alden, druggist and apothecary, and dealer in manufacturers' supplies, drugs, paints, oils, acids, artists' materials, toilet, and fancy articles. No. 270 Main Street.

Bought of James S. Aspinwall, druggist, 86 William Street.