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Vankirk & Co. Philadelphia.

Vankirk & Co. Philadelphia. [graphic] / Boell, eng.

Head quarters of La Fayette at the Battle of Brandywine.

The fugitives [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

[B stands for bloodhound] [graphic].

[F stands for fugitives] [graphic].

[K stands for kidnapper] [graphic].

Running away [graphic] / Van Ingen - Snyder

The bloodhound business [graphic].

Gang of captives met at Mbame's on their way to Tette [graphic] / J.W. Whymper sc.

Females hoeing [graphic].

Ficken & Williams, steam sugar refiners, Crown, Willow and Fifth streets

The bridal dance [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

Harvest in Wanyamézi [graphic].

Christ Church.

Christ Church Hospital.

Fan blacksmiths [graphic].

Slave barracoons -- burial-ground [graphic] / J.B.Z.

S.P. Chase

[X stands for cross] [graphic].

[W stands for woman] [graphic].

Flogging the Negro. [graphic] / Vanigen - Snyder.

Front elevation.

Brig. Gen. Edw. A. Wild. [graphic] / Engd. by A. H. Ritchie.

Benj. F. Butler

William H. Seward

William H. Seward

S.P. Chase

Residence of Joseph Harrison, Esqr. Rittenhouse Square, Phila.