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Alois Senefelder. Inventor of lithography

Uncle Peter putting the chickens in the window [graphic].

Scene in a Lynchburg tobacco factory [graphic] / W.L.S. ; DV.

Making salt, at Saltville, Virginia [graphic] / Cullen.

Twenty-eight fugitives escaping from the eastern shore of Maryland [graphic] / Schell del. ; Osler sc.

A narrow escape. [graphic] / Foy sc.

"The auctioneer's young man" [graphic] / King sc.

The "West Point," the second locomotive built in the United States for actual service [graphic].

Franklin Institute, Seventh Street between Chestnut and Market, Philadelphia

[Outdoor group] [graphic].

The holiday dance [graphic] / Stephens.

Desperate conflict in a barn [graphic].

A bold stroke for freedom [graphic] / C.H. Reed.

The Christiana tragedy [graphic].

Living in a cave. [graphic] / E.B. sc.

Religious dancing of the Blacks, termed "shouting" [graphic] / Bricher-Conant, sc.

William H. Seward