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Judge Woodward on the war! : ... Judge Woodward in a recent letter, attributes "this unconstitutional abolition war" to the "malignant fanaticism" of the North. ... Thus were Southern traitors lured to destroy their country, and now the promise is to be r

Delawareans attend! : Remember the 19th of November approaches, the day fixed for the election of our representative in the glorious old Congress of the United States. Stand firmly by the flag of the Union! Rally to the support of our national standard, a

Democratic catechism of Negro equality. : July 4th, 1863.

No party but our country 9th Ward! 9th Ward! : State officers. Governor, Andrew G. Curtin Judge of Supreme Court, Hon. Daniel Agnew Assembly, sixth district, Isaac H. O'Harra City officers. City treasurer, Henry Bumm, city commissioner, Philip Hamilton Re