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"Have you seen anything of a Merrimac about here?" [graphic] / Morse.

[Caricature of the capture of Jefferson Davis May 10, 1865]

Life in Philadelphia. "How you like de new fashion shirt...?" [graphic] / Chas. Hunt, Sc.

Kill-Patrick suppressing the riot. [graphic].

Semmes motto "I am here" [graphic].

Life in Philadelphia. An unfair reflection. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

Life in Philadelphia. "Have you any flesh coloured silk stockings...?" [graphic] / Engd. by Chas. Hunt.

Life in Philadelphia. Romeo and Juliet. [graphic] / W.S.; C. Hunt, Sc.

Macbeth. November 16, 1861 [graphic].

John Collins [graphic].

Napoleon III [graphic].

Edwin Booth [graphic] / Gladding.

Billy Morris [graphic] / [Gladding]

The New York Post boy [graphic].

The three graces [graphic].

The two Napoleons [graphic].

The reliable gentleman [graphic].

Intelligent contraband [graphic].

The guerrilla chieftan. [graphic].

[Caricature of Jefferson Davis attired as a Chinese man] [graphic].

It's no use knocking at the door. [graphic].

It's no use knocking at the door. [graphic].

Jefferson Davis smelleth a mice and reflects. [graphic].

I wish I was in Dixie [graphic].


[Photographic reproduction of a caricature of Abraham Lincoln attired as an elderly woman] [graphic].

The negro on the brain. [graphic].


Joseph Hooker [graphic].

Lincoln's "guardian angel." [graphic].

The happy governor of Massachusetts [graphic].

Caught at last! [graphic].

"We fights mit Sigel" [graphic].

A copperhead [graphic].

A copperhead [graphic].

A nest of copperheads [graphic].

Our modern infant Hercules [graphic].

Hawkins Zouaves 9th Regt. [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Home on sick leave. [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

New York Light Guard [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Civil War Illustrations. 1859-1865 (inclusive).

Cabinet series - No. 5. "Bombastes furioso." [graphic].

Writing the Emancipation Proclamation

Life in Philadelphia. Grand celebration ob de bobalition ob African slabery. [graphic] / Drawn and Engd. by I. Harris.

[Caricature of capture of Jefferson Davis May 10, 1865] [graphic] / [M A] Andrieu.

Happy contraband [graphic].

A bitter "draught" [graphic].

[Abraham Lincoln caricature satirizing the draft] [graphic].

Grinning for the presidency. [graphic].

Civil War scrapbook of portraits [graphic].