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Chapel and parish building St. Clement's Church [graphic].

Randolph S. Foster, 1820-1903 [graphic].

The great anaconda or creature of the woods [graphic]

Young Africa.

Roger Atkinson Pryor, 1828-1919 [graphic].

[Millie and Christina, the "North Carolina twins"]

[Millie and Christine McCoy] [graphic] / W.L. Germons, Temple of Art, 914 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Marriage of Tom Thumb.

[African American waiters in the large dining room, Great Central Fair of 1864, Philadelphia, Pa.]

[Construction at Ninth and Sansom streets]

Freedman's National Monument [graphic] / Photographed by Heywood.

Lucretia Mott's home. [graphic] / J. W. Hurn, 1319 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

2 headed girl, Millie Crissie [graphic] / J. H. Fitzgibbon, photographer, 116 North Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo.

I cannot sing the old songs. Or, the late home of a Union soldier. [graphic] / Designed and published by N. Monroe, M.D., Philadelphia.

Liberty [graphic] / Photo. and published by H.W. Horton, 5 Summer St., Boston.




Macbeth. November 16, 1861 [graphic].

John Collins [graphic].

Napoleon III [graphic].

Edwin Booth [graphic] / Gladding.

Billy Morris [graphic] / [Gladding]

The New York Post boy [graphic].

The three graces [graphic].

The two Napoleons [graphic].

The reliable gentleman [graphic].

Intelligent contraband [graphic].

The guerrilla chieftan. [graphic].

[Caricature of Jefferson Davis attired as a Chinese man] [graphic].

It's no use knocking at the door. [graphic].

It's no use knocking at the door. [graphic].

Jefferson Davis smelleth a mice and reflects. [graphic].

I wish I was in Dixie [graphic].


D.P. Brown

[Photographic reproduction of a caricature of Abraham Lincoln attired as an elderly woman] [graphic].

The negro on the brain. [graphic].


Resurgam. In memory of our late president. [graphic].

President Lincoln's hearse.

Joseph Hooker [graphic].

Lincoln's "guardian angel." [graphic].

The happy governor of Massachusetts [graphic].

Caught at last! [graphic].

[Armory of First City Troop, 21st and Ludlow streets, Philadelphia]

"We fights mit Sigel" [graphic].

A copperhead [graphic].

A copperhead [graphic].

A nest of copperheads [graphic].