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[Mary Ann C. Shadd?, Washington, D.C.] [graphic] / Henrici & Garns, photographers. No. 709 South Second Street, Philadelphia.

[Wu Ying Ding] [graphic] / Gerlach & Fromhagen, 1200 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Gov. Andrews, Mass [graphic] / Warren's 289 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.; Under the Superintendence of Mr. S. B. Heald.

[Abraham Lincoln]

[Unidentified African American woman and boy]

Fred. Douglass. [graphic] / Sarony's and Gurney & Son's Celebrities a Speciality.

Lucretia Mott.

Mrs. Amanda Smith [graphic] / Alfred Pettit, Keswick; Marion, imp. Paris.

Amy Smith, April 17, 1876. [graphic] / Photographed by B.F. Reimer, nos. 613, 615 and 617 Nth. Second St. Philad'a.

Go way white trash, dis chile dance yer blind [graphic] / G. W. Leonard. 1877.