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Pennsylvania State Fair

[Charles W.R. Smith trade cards]

Fall & winter 1882-83. Potsdamer & Co. General lithographers & printers, publishers of lithographic advertising specialties, 243 & 245 South Third Street.

Philadelphia lawn mowers at Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park.

Graf Brothers, lithographers, 125 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

The celebrated Sohmer Pianos are at present the most popular and preferred by the leading artists.

Bailey & Co.'s mammoth 5 ct. store, 13 North Eighth Street.

Greer & Son, N.E. cor. Tenth and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia.

[Hassler's trade cards]

D. Wilmot Richardson, fashionable hatter, 2024 & 2026 Callowhill St., Philadelphia.

Compliments of Charles E. Ford's English Comic Opera Co. St. Valentine's Day, 1882.

Brook's prize medal spool cotton. Hand & machine sewing.

Wm. Akers, Jr. & Co., china and glassware, 921 Market Street, Phila.

Grand result. Buying guns, ammunition, and fishing tackle from Paul Meyers, 625 South Second St., and 212 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Geo. S. Harris & Sons, printers, engravers, lithographers, 718, 720, 722 & 724 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

E. McKelvey, fine family groceries, 1118 Columbia Ave.

Present in many cans of Miles' Baking Powder due bills for handsome book and 2 paintings, in some cans due bill for a watch.

Hammocks, hammock ropes, hammock spreaders, Saratoga hammock, pat'd July 19th, 1881.

E.L. Whitney, bookseller and stationer, Milton, Vt.

[The Universal Plow Company, Canton, Ohio]

[Household Sewing Machine trade cards]

A. Singer, gent's, ladies', misses' and childrens, fine shoes, 104 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

Rolling cigarette.

[Fitzgerald & Sons trade cards]


Buist's garden seeds are the best

Thomas M. Harris & Co.

[Wm. H. Oakford trade cards]

E.A. Yarnall, successor to P. Madeira, choice cutlery, &c. 115 S. 10th St., Philad'a.

R. & J. Beck, opticians, No. 1016 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Money bags, Chestnut Street Theatre. Marrying for money.

[Haverly's Theatre, "The World," trade cards]

Forney's ladies and gent's new dining rooms, 1405 Filbert Street, opp. Penn. elevated R.R. depot, Phila.

The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia.

Mrs. Geo. M. Baker, stationery, fancy goods, &c. 987 N. Second St.

M. H. Traubel, lithographer, 146 So. Eighth St., Philadelphia. [graphic] : Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.

William B. Dixey trade cards

Joe Michl

[Joseph Hoover trade cards]

Burger & Co. fine furniture manufacturers, N.W. cor. Eleventh & Market Sts.

Compliments of Henry Baltz, Jr., meat and provisions, S.E. cor. of 18th and Fountain Sts. between Norris and Diamond.

[American Sewing Machine Company trade cards]

The genuine Murray & Lanman Florida Water the richest of all perfumes.

[Hoyt's German cologne trade cards]

[D.S. Ewing trade cards]

Diamonds, mutilated coins, old gold, silver, teeth plates, jewelry, and silverware. Full value paid. J.L. Clark, refiner, 823 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Read's Grand Duchess Cologne trade cards]

Anniversary greeting. Stern Brothers, Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.

Colburn's Phila. mustard.