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Casho's Mill Race

Chester Creek

Woodland Ave.

Winter's Run Bridge

White Marsh Run

Canton station

Carpenter Station

Carrcroft Station

West Branch, Persimmon Run

West Branch Naaman's Creek

Wharton Street Bridge

Whitaker Station

Bush River Bridge

Canton slip

Chester Creek Branch of the P and B.C.R.R. Bridge

Childs Station

White Clay Creek

Depot 24th and Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Delaware Avenue Station, Wilmington

Delaware Avenue Station, Wilmington

Delaware Avenue Bridge, Wilmington

Darby Tunnel

Darby Station

Darby Creek Bridge

Curtis Mill Road and P and D. R.R.

Crum Creek

Dairy Farm Road

Cobbs Creek

Church Creek

Collingdale Station

Cowenton Station

Christianna Creek

View of the Schuylkill River and Vicinity from Office Window, Phila.

W. and N. Junction

Twin Oaks Station

Upland Station


Shores Run

Susquehanna River

Swan Creek

Van Bibber Station

Van Bibber Water Station

Taylor's Road

Telegraph Road

Sixtieth Street Station

Singerly Station

Stony Creek

Stepney Station

Lewis Run

Lindsay Road