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The new theatre in Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia [graphic].

First plate of four subjects for Birch's Philadelphia [graphic].

Town & plantation of the Fulahs [graphic].

Le Hottentot [graphic].

Hottentote [graphic].

Camp de Pampoen-Kraal [graphic].

Negro bridge over the Senegal [graphic] / Storer, sc.

[Scenes from Guinea] [graphic].

Charles C. Watson & Sons, 92 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia [graphic] / C.G.C., sc.

A foot-race. [graphic]

Revd. Jeremiah Gloucester

Revd. John Gloucester

The Rev. Richard Allen, Bishop of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, in the U. States

Flogging of the slave girl Juliana, about five or six years of age, in Jamaica, &c. [graphic].

Representation of the court of select audience -- Costume, and the ceremony of swearing fidelity to the British government [graphic] / Drawn by J. Dupuis ; C. Williams sc.