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Great Central Depot, southwest corner of 7th and Market Streets. [graphic].

S. A. Hagner, saddle harness and trunk manufactory, South (No.39) 8th St. 1st Door above Chesnut [sic] Philada.

The Card Player

[Slave and bald eagle in front of Capitol] [graphic].

Gang of slaves journeying to be sold in a Southern market [graphic] / W.H. Brooke F.S.A. ; F. Holl.

The slaves of Martinique [graphic] / Engraved by D.L. Glover.

[Liberator masthead, 1850 [graphic] / Hartwell.

Bot. of Frederick Klett & Co., wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, dye-stuffs, paints, black lead and sand crucibles, window glass &c.

Printing in all its varieties executed with neatness and despatch, by S.N. Dickinson, at his extensive establishment, No. 52 Washington St., Boston.

American & Howe pin companies' adamantine pins.

Missionary Society of the Evangelical Association of North America [certificate]

The battle ground at Germantown. Cliveden or Chew's House

Certificate of marriage [graphic] / Engraved and Published by Croome Meignelle & Co. Phila.

"The Sabbath among slaves" [graphic] / Strong, Thomas W. sc.

Amistad captives [graphic].

Barbarous treatment of two unfortunate females [graphic].

Tread-wheel [graphic].

Whipping with the paddle, as witnessed by the author [graphic].

[Election night mob] [graphic].

Reward of merit

The London Coffee House

High Street Prison and Market Shambles.



John G. Whittier

[Slave and flag with black and white stars] [graphic].

[Slave and bald eagle in front of Capitol] [graphic].

Here is a picture of some slaves at work. [graphic] : Reward of merit. This may certify that [Mr. George Snow] by diligence and attention to study, merits the approbation of [his] friends and teacher.

Robt Adrain [graphic] / Engraved for the Democratic Review by P.H. Reason. From a painting by Ingham.