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The new theatre in Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia [graphic] : Built 1822. Taken down 1856.

[Chestnut Street Theatre]. North East corner of Sixth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Drawn and engraved on wood, by D.C. Baxter, (successor to Wm. B. Gihon,)

[Entry of Washington into New York, after the city was evacuated by the British in 1783, Nov. 20th]

Old '76 and young' 48.

Marion crossing the Pedee.

Mexican news

Mexican news

Jno. W. Holm

John H. Brown & Co. No. 307 Market St.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society [ticket]

The slave chain [graphic].

The marriage [graphic] / Manning del ; Hayes, G.H.. sc.

[The freeman's defense] [graphic].

The mother's struggle [graphic].

Douglass wird von Coven gezüchtigt [graphic].

Inspection and sale of a Negro [graphic] / F. Mayer ; Whitney, Jocelyn, Annin sc.

African slave trade [graphic] / Felch-Riches.

The whitewasher [graphic].

The laundress [graphic].

The rag-picker [graphic].

The wood-sawyer [graphic].

Eliza crosses the Ohio on the floating ice [graphic] / G. Cruikshank ; W.T. Green sc.

Persecuted virtue [graphic] / G.S.

Scipio hunted, "As men hunt a deer!" [graphic] / G.S ; M. Jackson.

Plantation scene -- coffee [graphic] / Felch-Riches. Columbus. O.

The Africans of the slave bark "Wildfire" [graphic] / M.N.

Scene in the hold of the "Blood-Stained Gloria." (Middle Passage) [graphic].

Samuel Simes, operative & dispensing chemist. Store and family medicine laboratory. N.W. corner Chestnut & Twelfth sts. [graphic] / J. Mucklow [sic].

Interior view of Rogers Smith Shop. Corner of Sixth & Master streets. [graphic] / J.H. Byram.

[McAllister & Brother, opticians, 728 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / A. Bigot, del.

Williams anti-dyspeptic elixir. Prepared by Dr. James Williams, no. 4 South Seventh Street, 3 doors below Market St. Philadelphia. [graphic].

George J. Henkels. City cabinet warerooms, 173 Chesnut [sic] Street, Phila. [graphic].

[Bnjn. Swain, umbrella & parasol manufactory billhead.] [graphic] / Joseph Henry Byram.

W.B. Eltonhead, watch maker, and jeweler. 340 so. 2d St., Philad'a.

Wm. H. Hortsmann & Sons, manufactory & sales rooms, cor. Fifth & Cherry Streets. Philadelphia.

Union Hotel, Fairfax C.H., Va. James W. Jackson, proprietor.

Oriental Print Works, Apponaug, R.I.

Charles Sumner

Charles Sumner

"Father, I cannot tell a lie: I cut the tree" [graphic] / Painted by G.G. White; Eng[raved by] John McRae.

"Pulling down the statue of George III"

Lecompton funeral. [graphic] / Hy.

William H. Seward

William H. Seward