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View of the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, Philadelphia, where over 300,000 Union soldiers have been fed. [graphic] / Schell del; Adrian - Probasco sc.

Scene of camp life. [graphic].

Philadelphia. [View from Peter's Farm] [graphic] / [Painted by Paul Weber. Engraved by J. Serz]

Scene of camp life.

On the march to the sea

To the people of America, this engraving of "First in Peace," from the original painting, is respectfully dedicated, representing the arrival of General George Washington at the Battery, New York, April 23rd, 1789, previous to his inauguration as the firs

Reading the Emancipation Proclamation

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America. [graphic] / W. Roberts, Del. sc.; C. A. Alvord, Printer.

The game of secession or sketches of the rebellion

Asher M. Childs clothes renovating establishment, No. 145 N. 9th St. [graphic] : Old clothes made to look equal to new, by cleaning or dyeing without taking a part. Also repairing, and altering done to the latest fashions. All work done in a superior mann

Macdowell, engraver and printer, 1028 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

William J. Mullen, agent for the inspectors of the Phila. Coy. Prison & for the Phila. Society for alleviating the miseries of public prisons. Office Phila. County Prison. Residence 1502 South 4th St.

The cheapest and best. William W. Harding photograph albums, 326 Chestnut Street, Philada.

Oxford Carpet Mills, Wm. Hogg, Jr. Philadelphia. [graphic].

[X. Bazin, steam fancy soap works and perfumery, 917 Cherry Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Joseph J. Cana[v]an morocco factory Philadelphia. [graphic].

Allen's Furniture Warehouse, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Wm. Simpson & Sons, Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Joseph Beckhaus carriage factory, 1204 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Henry & Fisher's union coal yard, Ninth Street, below Jefferson, Philadelphia.

Diogenes his lantern needs no more, an honest man is found! The search is o'er.

Theo. Wilson & Co.'s steam ship bread, cracker, & cake bakery, 212 & 214 North Front St. Phila. [graphic].

Baugh & Sons, manufacturers of raw bone super phosphate of lime. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [graphic].

White, Hentz & Co., refiners of spirits & importers of wines & liquours, 222 North Second Street Philadelphia, Penn. [graphic].

Auner's printing office, No. 110 North Tenth Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.

Washington Union restaurant, N.E. corner of Seventh and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia,

Charles Sumner

Jacob Riegel & Co., importers and jobbers of dry goods. No. 333 Market, & Nos. 25 & 27 North 4th Street, Philadelphia

The fugitives [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

Turning the tables on the overseer [graphic].

[B stands for bloodhound] [graphic].

[F stands for fugitives] [graphic].

[K stands for kidnapper] [graphic].

A typical negro [graphic] / McPherson and Oliver del.

Running away [graphic] / Van Ingen - Snyder

The bloodhound business [graphic].

[The rebel pirate's fatal prize] [graphic].

The first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation before the cabinet. [graphic] / From the original picture painted at the White House in 1864; Painted by F.B. Carpenter; Engraved by A.H. Ritchie.

Gang of captives met at Mbame's on their way to Tette [graphic] / J.W. Whymper sc.

Females hoeing [graphic].

Scenes on a cotton plantation [graphic].

Mrs. S. A. Lingle, 734 Spring Garden St. [graphic].

Frederick Douglass

Maj. Gen. Benj. F. Butler

Maj. Gen. Benj[amin] F. Butler

Wm. Lloyd Garrison.

Abraham Lincoln

Horace Greeley.

William H. Seward

Wendell Phillips