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F.G. Ford's patent support for bed slats (patented April 7th, 1885.) Manufactured and sold by Thos. Devlin & Co., American Street and Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Washington and his servant [graphic].

Must have their baskets full [graphic] / Franklin del ; Marley (?) sc.

The fugitive slave law in operation [graphic] / A. Bobbett sc.

"On to Orleans": the Negro Insurrection [graphic] / L. J. Bridgman.

Slaves taken from an Arab dhow [graphic].

La traite des noirs [graphic] / Trichon ; Fath.

Revolte sur un bâtiment négrier [graphic].

[First floor plan of John Wanamaker's grand depot, 1887] [graphic].

R.W. Emerson [graphic] / Engd by H.B. Hall Jr. New York.

Benjamin F. Butler

Horace Greeley

William H. Seward

Main Exhibition Building, International Exhibition, Philadelphia U.S. America, May 10th to November 10th 1876.

Frances Wright. [graphic] / J. Gorbitz; J.C. Buttre.

Northwood Cemetery entrance. The beauty and adaptibility of the grounds are unsurpassed by any cemetery in the country.

Auburn water, 1005 Walnut St., Philad'a.

John Wanamaker's grand depot [graphic].

[Collection of business correspondence of W. H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 and 172 William Street, New York]