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Slaves taken from an Arab dhow [graphic].

Washington and his servant [graphic].

Must have their baskets full [graphic] / Franklin del ; Marley (?) sc.

La traite des noirs [graphic] / Trichon ; Fath.

Revolte sur un bâtiment négrier [graphic].

The fugitive slave law in operation [graphic] / A. Bobbett sc.

"On to Orleans": the Negro Insurrection [graphic] / L. J. Bridgman.

[First floor plan of John Wanamaker's grand depot, 1887] [graphic].

F.G. Ford's patent support for bed slats (patented April 7th, 1885.) Manufactured and sold by Thos. Devlin & Co., American Street and Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Horace Greeley

William H. Seward

Benjamin F. Butler

R.W. Emerson [graphic] / Engd by H.B. Hall Jr. New York.

Main Exhibition Building, International Exhibition, Philadelphia U.S. America, May 10th to November 10th 1876.

Frances Wright. [graphic] / J. Gorbitz; J.C. Buttre.

John Wanamaker's grand depot [graphic].

Auburn water, 1005 Walnut St., Philad'a.

[Collection of business correspondence of W. H. Schieffelin & Co., 170 and 172 William Street, New York]