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[Public Ledger Building, south west corner of Sixth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia]

[Political rally outside the Philadelphia headquarters of Republican presidential nominee William McKinley]

Colonnade Hotel, SW corner 15th & Chestnut, Phila., 1896, showing monument on the ground of Epiphany Ch[urch]

[Philadelphia Bourse construction]

[Exterior view of Mount Pleasant Mansion built 1761-1765 for Captain John Macpherson after the designs of Thomas Nevil in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[Richard McAllister Coal Company delivery cart, Philadelphia]

[Richard McAllister Coal Company delivery cart, Philadelphia]

[Working plaster sculpture of D.C. French and E.C. Potter Columbian Exposition statue of African American teamster with work horse]

[Presbyterian Hospital, administration building, Philadelphia]

The Civic Parade and Court of Honor, Peace Jubilee, Phila. Pa., Oct. 26, '98.

The brave 3rd U.S. Cavalry. Heroes of El Caney. Peace Jubilee, Phila.

Sailors from North Atlantic Squadron. G.A.R. Encampment Phila'da.

Republican National Convention, June 21, 1900. Philadelphia.

Interior of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

Unveiling of Washington statue, Phila., May 15, 1897.

Philadelphia group statuary. The Wolves.

Philadelphia, Lilly basin, Fairmount Park.

North Broad St., Phil., PA.

Ninth and Market streets - Philadelphia.

View Chestnut St., Phila

A part of the 4,000,000 bale yearly cotton crop of Texas.

Beautiful sunken gardens. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Luv me - luv my doggie. [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

Chestnut Street crowded.

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

A free lunch.

[Philadelphia children in blackface]

Cotton is king. Plantation scene, Georgia, U.S.A. [graphic].

[Unidentified older African American woman on shanty porch]

And he owes not any man.

"We's done all dis s'mornin'." [graphic].

The happy family going to market.

The misfortunes of a sweet tooth.

"Summer scene 'mid winter's grandeur," Norway.

"Its fleecy whiteness tinged with emerald green," Nevada Fall, Yosemite Valley, Ca., U.S.A.

Wissahickon rapids.

Don't tell me you won't wash.

[Unidentified young African American woman]

Room 5, Lincoln School, Pittsburg, Pa.

[Unidentified young African American woman]

[Unidentified young African American woman]

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

A "corner in cotton." [graphic].

The "new woman."

The new woman barber.

Trials of bachelorhood.

"Sew up your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."

[Scenes 6, 7, and 10 from the stereograph comic set "Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed's new French cook"]

"Sew on your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."