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[Chestnut Street looking east from below Fifteenth Street, Philadelphia]

[Vegetable cultivation at demonstration center at Little Wakefield, Germantown]

[Canning and preserving at demonstration center at Little Wakefield, Germantown]

[African American worker at a work site near the Trenton Elevated Railroad Bridge in Philadelphia.]

[United States Department of the Interior] Quartermasters Interior Depot, 21 and Oregon Ave., May 24, 1917 [sic]

Eden Baptist Church Phila

[B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company's national tire testing fleet at Lincoln Way garage, 52nd & Lancaster, West Philadelphia]

Quartermasters Department of the Interior, 21st & Oregon Ave. Phila May 24, 1918

[Railroad overpass to Reading Terminal over Poplar Street near Ninth Street, Philadelphia, March 18, 1913]

Frank & his darkies. A wagon load of beets just in from the field

[Charles J. Webb Company float during a parade along a Philadelphia street]

[Crowd outside the Evening Telegraph Building]

[Crowd outside the Public Ledger Building, 600-606 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

School gardens as a practical educational method - showing Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Crowd outside the Evening Telegraph office, Betz Building, South Broad Street, Philadelphia]

Market Square, Germantown from Elliston P. Morris' home, [Deshler-Morris House], 5442 Main St. looking down Church Lane [graphic].

Lillie Showell

Sarah Showell