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[Polish church at 28th and Wharton Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Polish church at 28th and Wharton Sts. [graphic].

[Row houses, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Two boys in front of the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Circle in winter.] [graphic].

[DeLancey Street, north side, between 19th & 20th Streets, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Ruins of house in Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Bungalow-style residence near a row of hedges, unidentified location, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Odd house, 3803 Locust [Street] [graphic].

[Quaint house on unidentified street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Philadelphia City Hall, detail of marble in the Common Council Chamber] [graphic].

[Stable with man, woman, and horse] [graphic].

[Court on Carpenter Street, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Mediterranean-style residence with terra cotta roof, unidentified location, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Philadelphia City Hall, detail of marble panel in Common Council Chamber] [graphic].

Court off Ellsworth St. No. side E of 10 St. [graphic].

[Arcade Building, south Penn Square, west of Broad Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 South 22nd St., Philadelphia] [graphic].

A pair of London residences - as seen at 21[st] and Locust sts. Phila [graphic].

[Industrial buildings lining canal in Manayunk, Philadelphia, during winter] [graphic].

[Entrance to McKinley's Court -- west from 516 North Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Holy Trinity Church at sunset (winter) [graphic].

A little court off Front St. no. of Arch St. [graphic].

[First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street at northwest corner Van Pelt Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Residence at Second and Wharton streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Magnolias from our little tree in Rittenhouse Sq. [graphic].

Rittenhouse Sq. Our little magnolia tree in winter time. [graphic].

[Philadelphia City Hall, Select City Council Chamber] [graphic].

[Boxwood tree] [graphic].

[Olive Cemetery chapel, Girard Avenue between Marion and Belmont Avenues, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Philadelphia City Hall, Finance Committee Room] [graphic].

A quiet and restful looking old home on Paul St. Frankford Phila[delphia] [graphic].

[McKinley's Court, west from 516 North Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[House and court on Fourth Street above Arch Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Russian Jewish children standing in front of a building at 412 South 21st Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Scene with fence, garden, and buildings] [graphic].

Orthodox [Russian] Church and a much sign be-splattered home of a magician next to it at 700 no 5" St [graphic].

[Factory building, Manayunk] [graphic].

St. Rita's R.C. Church. Broad and Ellsworth Sts. [graphic].

[Philadelphia residences, 315-317 22nd Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Trees covered in ice and snow west of 69th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Cows in field] [graphic].

[Twelfth Street Friends Meetinghouse, 20 South 12th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Philadelphia City Hall, detail of wood panels in Select City Council Chamber] [graphic].

[United Gas Improvement Company's Point Breeze Gas Works from the Passyunk Avenue bridge over the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Staircase rising above snow-covered boulders, Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[St. James Protestant Episcopal Church, Kingsessing, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Syrian girl knitting. 10th and Ellsworth Sts. [graphic].

[Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of Pennsylvania, 34th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Rittenhouse Sq. [graphic].

[Street in Manayunk] [graphic].