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6704 & 6706 Cresheim Road, Pelham [graphic].

Hogue House from across Pelham Road with 6706 Cresheim Rd in background [graphic].

Elliston 3 yrs and Marriott 1 year 5 mos, 6706 Cresheim Rd., Pelham [graphic].

Elliston P. Morris Jr. at "Avocado" Sea Girt, NJ. Aged 3 years & 3 mos. [graphic].

Elliston P. Morris Jr. Taken at [Deshler-Morris House] 5442 Main St. Germantown. By Martha C. Morris [graphic].

[Wrecked schooner A.M.S. Taunton] [graphic].

[Waiting in line for the outhouse] [graphic].

[Parachute game, Boys Parlors Camp, Wildwood, NJ] [graphic].

Centennial of the U.S. Constitution. 9 mo. 15, 16 + 17, 1887. The Arch at Broad and Chestnut, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Janet Morris on dock with copper ingots, S.S. Octorara, Great Lakes Trans. Co., Buffalo, NY [graphic].

[Group of cyclists] [graphic].

[View of a waterfall] [graphic].

[Group portrait including Marriott C. and Bess Morris] [graphic].

Elliston P. Morris Jr. on back kitchen steps, 6706 Cresheim Rd, Pelham [graphic].

Marriott Canby Morris Jr. at Pelham [graphic].

[Wrecked schooner A.M.S. Taunton] [graphic].

[Group at edge of Ponkapoag Pond] [graphic].

Bartram House from down in the Garden [graphic].

[Canoe on the river, Browns Mills, NJ with Photographic Society] [graphic].

Dr. Wolcott's camp between Banff + L[ake] Louise, [Alberta, Canada] [graphic].

3 day horseback trip, [Canada] [graphic].

[Wrecked schooner A.M.S. Taunton] [graphic].

[View of cat boat, possibly at Sea Girt] [graphic].

Constitutional Centennial Parade. 9 mo. 16, 1887. The Marine Band, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Elliston P. Morris Jr. and Marriott C. Morris Jr., steps, 6706 Cresheim Rd [graphic].

John Bartram's Cider Press. Cut out of the solid rock at the river's edge [graphic].

"Life on the Rail" Minnie Lysan Shoemaker & Minne Kinter on fence at Bartram's Gardens [graphic].

Mt. Rainier, WA [graphic].

[View of the river. Browns Mills NJ with Photographic Society] [graphic].

Elizabeth C. Morris, Elliston 2 yrs, Marriott 6 months [in] backy[ar]d, 6706 Cresheim Rd, Pelham [graphic].

[Possibly interior of Avocado, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Rear of 6706 Cresheim Rd. [graphic].

Victoria Glacier, [Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada] [graphic].

[Exterior of unidentified residence, possibly in Germantown] [graphic].

[Elliston P. Morris, Martha Canby Morris, and Jet the dog by wood gate, possibly Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Wrecked schooner A.M.S. Taunton] [graphic].

Veteran Wheelman Asso[ciation] at the Penn Hotel [graphic].

Interior of Joseph Walton Cottage, Buck Hills Falls [graphic].

[Group at the edge of Ponkapoag Pond] [graphic].

[Group in bathing attire, Boys Parlors Camp, Wildwood, NJ] [graphic].

[Unidentified building, possibly an inn] [graphic].

[Elliston P. Morris Jr.] [graphic].

Elliston P. Morris Jr., Marriott C. Morris Jr. Pelham [graphic].

[Unidentified marinescape]

[De la Plaine House], Corner of Germantown Avenue & School Lane [graphic].

[Janet Morris on horseback, Canada] [graphic].

[Man petting kitten near wooden house] [graphic].

Aunt Elizabeth, Mt. Rainier [graphic].

Marriott C. Morris Jr. at 6706 Cresheim Rd., Pelham (now Mt. Airy) [graphic].

[Group in a tree, Boys Parlors Camp, Wildwood, NJ] [graphic].