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"She lives way down dar"

The delusion.

Don't get above your business.

"That pesky rat again"

Don't tell me you won't wash.

A little too thin.

Before marriage

Don't get the clothes too blue!

The book agent at work.

[Incomplete series of genre stereographs satirizing the New Woman]

The new woman--wash day.

"Have dinner at one dear."

The happy family going to market.

The misfortunes of a sweet tooth.

Views of a wedding ceremony.

McCarthy's wake.

Vacation pastime.

"Dar boss, how's dat?" [graphic].

"The coon" wedding march

A "corner in cotton." [graphic].

The trombone soloist. [graphic] / William H. Rau, photographer, Philad'a., Pa.

"How do debble does dey make a bicycle?" = Como diablos se hacen los bicírculos? [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

"You brazen huzzy! You shall leave at this hour! And the least of your fault is the wasted flour."

[Scenes 6, 7, and 10 from the stereograph comic set "Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed's new French cook"]

"Sew up your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."

The "new woman."

"Sew on your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."

Trials of bachelorhood.

The new woman barber.

[Incomplete set of racist playing card game Game of In Dixieland. No. 1118] [graphic].