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Old Lehman House, [5524 Germantown Avenue], Main nearly opp. Armat St[reet], [Germantown] [graphic].

Avenue of trees back from house & our house & Cutler's [6708 Cresheim Road] [graphic].

Old house 5411 Main St. opp. Good St., [Germantown] [graphic].

Photo of the old Buttonwood tree [planted by Samuel B. Morris] at Market Square, Germantown, Phila. [graphic].

Back view of 4774 Main St. before alteration of house for Dr. Gummey, [Germantown] [graphic].

715-17-19 Arch Street after fire of 2/23/1900 [graphic].

[Unidentified building, probably in Germantown] [graphic].

View of Dole, France. Copy [graphic].

1227 + 1229 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

131 W. Walnut Lane, [Germantown, PA] [graphic].

6706 Cresheim Rd, [Germantown, PA] [graphic].

[Avenue of trees back from house, 6706 Cresheim Road] [graphic].

J[ane] R[hoads] M[orris with dog] [graphic].

National Bank of Germantown from pavement of Market Square [graphic].

Old houses, Mrs. Billmeyer's, nos. 5345 & 5347 Main St. cor. Upsal, [Germantown] [graphic].

6706 Cresheim Road from N. corner. Jenny [Rhoads Morris] at sit[ting] room window [graphic].

Storm damage to great tree in backyard, 3442 G[erman]t[ow]n Ave[nue] [graphic].

[Neighborhood in Pelham] [graphic].

[Exterior view of the building of the] Boys Parlor [25 West Penn Street], upright [graphic].

1227-1229 Market St. after the great fire at Hunt, Wilkinson + Co's 1212-19 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

Back view of 4774 Main Street [Bruner & George Livery] from door of new stable. [Germantown] [graphic].

J[ane] R[hoads] M[orris] Room, 6706 Cresheim Rd., [Germantown, PA] [graphic].

4774 Main St. + Bockius house (4772) from pavement of Post Office, [Germantown] [graphic].

7th + Filbert Sts., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

[View of houses in Pelham neighborhood] [graphic].

Garden of the Tuileries, Paris. Copy of J.E. Wilkinson's photo [graphic].

[View of house in Pelham neighborhood. Two boys stand in the foreground] [graphic].

[View of Pelham neighborhood. Depicts three residences, including the rear of one home] [graphic].

[715-719 Arch Street, Bowen, Dungan & Co. under renovation, Philadelphia] [graphic].

715-17-19 Arch Street after fire of 2/23/1900 [graphic].

[Building, possibly a school] [graphic].

[700 block of Arch Street, north side, looking west, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Wrecked schooner A.M.S. Taunton, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Formal portrait of Mr. E[lliston] P. Morris, 69 years [graphic].

Bruner & George Livery & Boarding stables, Germantown Avenue, Germantown [graphic].

[Office of Elliston P. and Marriott C. Morris], 21 N. 7th St. Phila[delphia] [graphic].

[715 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

J[ane] R[hoads] M[orris and dog] [graphic].

Old Littell-Morris house, Main & High Sts., showing also Dr. Dunton's house &c., [Germantown] [graphic].

[Exterior view of the building of the] Boys Parlor [25 West Penn Street, Germantown] [graphic].

7th + Filbert Sts., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

[Group unloading a wagon] [graphic].

Arc du Triomphe, Paris. Copy [graphic].

[Wrecked schooner A.M.S. Taunton] [graphic].

Down Pelham Road from Cresheim Road thro Pines, [Pelham] [graphic].

[Roberts Mansion] from farther down avenue] [graphic].

View up valley from Mcaboy house, [NC] [graphic].

[700 block of Arch Street, north side, looking west, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Bridge over Visp River above Zermatt, Switzerland [graphic].

Front door 5442 (then 4782) Main St. Germantown. [Deshler-Morris House] [graphic].