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Stone residence. [graphic].

Livezy House (Wm. Rittenhouse, father of David.) (Livezey's Lane) Owned by Joshua Garsed. Built some time before 1745. Washington's headquarters, formerly known as the monastery of the Wissahickon. Bought by Livezey in 1800. 1940, Valley Green Canoe Club.

Unidentified residence. [graphic].

Walnut St. Theatre, 9th & Walnut Sts. Built 1808. [graphic].

Lafayette's headquarters at Chadd's Ford, Pa. [graphic].

Stenton, side view and part of garden. [graphic].

House at N.E. corner Germantown Ave. & Upsal St., in front of which Washington stood during the Battle of Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777. [graphic].

Morris House, 5442 Germantown Ave. Built by Jacob Deschler in 1772. Occupied by Washington in 1793 & 4. [graphic].

E. side of Barn House, 40 [sic] W. Walnut Lane, built 1796 (J. Fredk. Thomas). [graphic].

[Mennonite Meeting House, 6119 Germantown Ave., at n.e. cor. Herman St., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Wyck, detail of door, 6026 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Wyck. [graphic].

[Wyck, 6026 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Letitia Penn House, Lansdowne Dr. near W. Girard Ave.] [graphic].

[St. David's Church & cemetery, Wayne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.] [graphic].

Old houses on Camac St., Phila. [graphic].

Mt. Pleasant, river front. [graphic].

Mount Pleasant, home of Benedict Arnold in Fairmount Park. [graphic].

Lafayette's headquarters at Chadd's Ford. [graphic].

Lafayette's headquarters at Chadd's Ford. [graphic].

Woodlands. [graphic].

Graeme Park, Horsham, Montgomery Co., Pa. [graphic].

Graeme Park, Horsham, Montgomery Co., Penna. [graphic].

[Radnor Meeting House.] [graphic].

Radnor Meeting House. [graphic].

922 Clinton St., Phila. [graphic].

Pennsylvania Hospital, E. wing built 1755. [graphic].

[Dunkard Meeting House, 6613 Germantown Avenue.] [graphic].

Edgar Allen Poe house where he is supposed to have written the Raven. #530 N. 7th St. at cor. Brandywine. [graphic].

[Christ Church.] [graphic].

Wynnestay, side view. [graphic].

Wynnestay, home of Dr. Wynne who came over in the ship ""Welcome" with Wm. Penn, now the home of the Drs. Blechschmidt. Front view. [graphic].

Mill Grove, Audubon, Pa. Home of J. J. Audubon built 1762, now owned by Mr. Wetherill. [graphic].

Farland [sic] Farm, old Wetherill Estate at Audubon, Pa. [graphic].

Barn house, Walnut Lane, Germantown. [graphic].

6019 Germantown Ave. Built by Daniel Pastorius. Also known as the Green Tree Inn. [graphic].

Pastorius House, Germantown. [graphic].

Washington House, Germantown, blt. 1740. [graphic].

Washington's headquarters, Chadd's Ford. [graphic].

Washington's headquarters at Chadd's Ford, burned 1938 or 39. [graphic].

Old market. [graphic].

[Johnson House, 6306 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Upsala, Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Johnson House door. [graphic].

House on Main St., Germantown. [graphic].

Stone residence. [graphic].

John Bartram's house. [graphic].

Harriton, showing old pump. [graphic].

Harriton, built in 1704 by Rowland Ellis. [graphic].

Laurel Hill, Randolph Mansion. [graphic].