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Young and Woodward Business Papers, 1789-1826 (inclusive).

John Kean, on the corner of Market and Third Streets. : Philadelphia, [blank] 1783. [blank] bought of John Kean,

[Materials relating to Renne's Pain Killing Magic Oil, manufactured and marketed by Wm. Renne & Sons, of Pittsfield, Mass.]

McAllister Small Manuscript Collections, 1781-1857 (inclusive).

Binny & Ronaldson Papers, 1805-1822 (inclusive).

Charles Bird Papers, 1800-1837 (inclusive).

David Lewis Papers, 1793-1839 (inclusive).

Lapsley Family Business Records. 1805-1817 (inclusive).

Watson & Paul Business Records, 1792-1807.

John B. Budd Business Records, 1820-1846 (inclusive).

McAllister Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 1683-1872 (inclusive).

Gratz-Franks-Simon Papers, 1752-1831 (inclusive).