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Logan House Porch, Altoona


Juniata River abo[ve] Mifflin

Sulfur Springs Bedford

Sentinel Rock

Devil's Back Bone near Bedford

Bedford Springs

Shoe Mountain

Bedford Springs

Bedford Springs

Lime Springs. Bedford

Bedford Springs Hotel



Jacks Narrows, from Mapleton

Mapleton, from Jacks Narrows

Juniata River above Anderson

Susquehanna Bridge

Lewiston Narrows No. 1

Terrace Mountain, Mill Creek

Susquehanna Bridge

Lewiston Narrows

Rope Ferry

Tyrone Forges

Hieroglyphic Rocks

Hieroglyphic Rocks

Hieroglyphic Rocks

Duncannon Iron Co.'s Rolling Mills


Cresson Station

Cresson Mansion

Deep Fill & cut. Allegrippus.

Above Alligrippus [sic]

From Alligrippus [sic] Station

Alligrippus [sic]

Alligrippus [sic]

Horse Shoe East

Ravine - Head of Horse Shoe Bend

Walls. Head of Horse Shoe

Connemaugh [sic]

West from Connemaugh [sic] River

Connemaugh [sic] Deep Cut

From Kittan[n]ing Point, looking towards Altoona

Horse Shoe, East

Horse Shoe, West

Across Valley, from Horseshoe

Spruce Creek Tunnel

Spruce Creek Tunnel

Logan House, Altoona

Logan house, Interior

On the Clearfield

Little Juniata River

Little Juniata River

Spruce Creek

Deep Fill & Horse Shoe

Silver Spring, below Tyrone

Mill Hall

Bryn Mawr



Greensburg Junction

North from High Bridge

West from Pack Saddle

Alleghany [sic] Suspension Bridge

Stone Falls

2 miles west of Saltsburg



South Greenburg [sic]

Trees near Greensburg

East from Scottsdale


Pine Hollow

West from Bennington

Allegheny Tunnel

Below Mineral Point

Lewiston Narrows

Turtle Creek near Stewarts

Stewarts Station

Scenery on the Pennsylvania Railroad Album

Fairmount Falls.

Entrance to Fairmount Park.

Wissahickon Lane.

Tower view, at Water Gap House.

View at Fairmount, Phila. Pa.

Lover's retreat, Fairmount Park, Phila., Pa.

Rustic bridge. Fairmount Park. Philadelphia.

North from the summer house

View in Fairmount Park, Phila.


Up the Schuylkill from Sweet Briar walk.

View from Ormston [sic].

Germantown bend.

Sweet Brier Valley, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

View from Sweet Brier, F.P.

North from Sweet Brier Height. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.



North from Landsdowne terrace.

Whirlpool and rapids.

View in tropical forest.

Cave of Cupica Bay Isthmus.

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. N. [sic] from Lemon Hill.

Landsdown rustic bridge.

Landsdown valley.

[Pond, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

View in the park.

[Tree-lined path in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.]

River Drive, east park.

Wissahickon stone bridge.

Table Rock from above, Niagara N.Y.

Rustic boat landing. Central Park, N. Y.

American Fall from Canada.

Explorations West of the 100th Meridian. Expedition of 1872, Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Com'dg.

Scenery on the Pennsylvania Railroad

Explorations West of the 100th Meridian. Expedition of 1871, Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Com'dg.

Gurnsey's Rocky Mountain Views.

Views of Fairmount Park Album

Views of Fairmount Park Philadelphia 1866

Views of Ashwood, Gulph Mills, and other sites in Delaware County and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania