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4821 Main St.

Wagner House, 4840 Main St., built 1747, hospital in Battle of Germantown.

Henry House, 1760. 4908 Main St. In 1828 bought by John S. Henry father of Alex Henry thrice mayor of Phila.

General Wayne Hotel, S.W. Main & Manheim Sts.

Conyngham-Hacker House, 5214 Main St.

5430 Main St. Home of Capt. Albert Ashmead.

"Wyck" Haines home, Walnut Lane & Main St., oldest house standing in Gt'n at this date.

Wyck, front bedroom.

Knorr house, N.W. Main St. & Walnut Lane, from pencil sketch on a visiting card, made in 1862.

Old Johnson House, N. W. Main & Washington Lane.

[[The]] Johnson House, Main & Washington Lane, built in 1768 by John Johnson. The doors & hall show marks of bullets in battle of Germantown.

Keyser House, 6316 Main St., subsequently owned by Elwood Johnson.

Near Wakefield, Fisher's Lane.

Old stone monument to Continental soldiers buried inside gateway to Chas. Wharton's place, Old York Road below Chelten Ave.

Robeson's Knoll, mouth of Wissahickon.

Warner houses, 6021 & 6023 Main St.

Old Concord School House. Main St. Germantown, Pa. Built 1775

Wakefield, home of Thos. & Sarah Fisher. Built about 1795.

5261 Main St. Built by John Wister 1744.

Mehl House, 4817 Main St.

Jacob Knorr House, 1760, 6307 Main St.

On the Wissahickon near Valley Green.

Germantown Academy, built 1760.

Doorway of Stenton.

Very old house, date unknown. Was used as home of sexton of St. Michaels Lutheran Church. 6669 Main St.

Home of Anthony Gilbert, "the Strong Blacksmith."

5450 Main St. Built 1790. Home of Thos. Armat.

5151 Main St. Home of Phil. R. Freas and first office of the Village Telegraph, later Germantown Telegraph.

Livezey House, Gtn. From west bank of Wissahickon.

Built by Jos. Spencer 1746. N. side Old York Road opposite Church Lane. Sold to Dr. Benneville in 1758 & named Silver Farm.

Branchtown Hotel, York Road and Church Lane. Built by Joseph Spencer 1790.

Vernon Park on Greene St.

[[The]] Monestary [sic]. Built by Joseph Gorgas bt. 1746 & 1752.

Peter Robeson House in 1789. Ridge Road & mouth of the Wissahickon.

N.W. & N. E. Chelten Ave. & Main St., Post Office & 1st Presbyt. Church.

Doorway of Livezey House, 3 p.m.

"Ship" House, Main St., G'tn. 6338 Main St. Built 1760. At one time an inn. First public hall in Gt'n. was in rear. One of first three hand fire engines kept here.

Stenton, built by James Logan 1727.

S.W. Manheim & Portico St., near Main St. Owned by Jacques Marie Roset in 1792. Introduced the tomato to Gtn.

Riverside Mansion, formerly Milverton.

Dr. Bensel's old barn, School Lane, rear of Saving Fund.

Old tavern on Wissahickon Drive below Lincoln Drive.

Morris House.

Carlton, north side, near Midvale Ave. Washington's Headquarters 1777.

Loudoun, built 1801 by Thos. Armat for his son.

6211 Main St.

6305 Main St.

Home of Col. Thos. Forrest, artillery officer Battle Germantown. Stenton Ave, east side, north of Haines St.

Gowen House, S.E. cor. Main St. & Gowen Ave.

Chelten Ave. Station P.R.R. Just before it was raised [sic] 1-1916.

Wakefield, home of Thos. & Sarah Fisher. Built about 1795.

Indian Rock Hotel, upper Wissahickon Drive.

Doorway, N. E. Walnut Lane & Main St.

Paul House, 6843 Main St. Occupied by Gorgas family during battle of Germantown.

Old barn of Wyck altered into dwelling, Walnut Lane W. of Main St.

Wakefield Mills, Fisher's Lane. Built by Wm. Logan Fisher.

Home of Christopher Ludwig, Baker General to Continental Army. So. side Haines St. abv. Chew.

Morris-Littel House, Main & High St.

Old willow, Vernon Park & a monument to commemorate Battle of Germantown.

Steamboat plying between Phila. and Smith's Island. Between Phila. & Camden.

Main St. entrance to Chew House, Main & Johnson St.

Christopher Ludwig house, Haines Street.

John Keyser House, 6347 Main St. Revolutionary.

N.E. [sic] & S.E. cor. Main St. and Chelten Ave.

6205 Main St., built by Dirck Keyser 1738. 1st 2-story house in Germantown.

Entrance to Jewish Hospital. Columns formerly in front of U. S. Mint, Juniper & Chestnut.

Toland House, 4810 Main St., built abt. 1740. Home of Geo. Miller, an officer of Continental army.

Vernon Park near Main St.

5434 Main St. Home of John Ashmead.

5112-14 Main St.

Concord School House. Built 1775.

Doorway to Johnson House, Main & Washington Ln.


Thos. Livezey House on Wissahickon.

Morris-Littel House, S. east cor. Main & High St.

E. Park Drive where Wissahickon Drive enters.

Doorway of Wister House, Vernon Park.

Pencoyd Iron Works, opposite mouth of Wissahickon.

Canal near Bridgeport below Norristown, Pa.

Washington Inn, Washtn. Lane & Main St., known as Washington Tavern, 1793.

5845 Main St. Standing at time of Revolution.

6019 Main St. Old Green Tree Tavern, once kept by Daniel & Sarah Pastorius until his death in 1754. Shows also 6021 & 23.

Mennonite Meeting, Main St.

"Springbank," Wissahickon Ave. Built by Wm. Rittenhouse 1736, afterwards home of John Welsh.

Chew House, Germantown, Pa.

On the Wissahickon, just above Kitchen's Lane, where the Dunkards baptized in 1719.

5203-5205 Main St. Home of Dr. Theodore Ashmead and Dr. Belton. Owen Wister born here July 14,1860.

Doorway to Blair House, formerly in Bensel House.

Clock tower of Independence Hall, Philada.

Reading R.R. Bridge at mouth of Wissahickon.

Rear of Johnson House, Main St. & Washington Lane.

Old building, Fisher's Hollow, used as a powder mill during Revolution.

Market Square showing two old houses. Monument to soldiers who fell in War of Rebellion. Erected 1883.

5300 Main St. at present parsonage of Trinity Luth. Church. Formerly Sauer's property. In cellar first type case in America 1772.

Looking east at mouth of Wissahickon.

5112-5114 Main St.

Carlton, from the east. Washington's Headquarters 1777.

Home of Thos. Godfrey, inventor of the quadrant. Died 1749. N. E. Church Lane & Dunton [sic] St. near Old York Road.

Edgar H. Butler's House, Main below High St. G'tn.

5242-44 Main St., formerly Indian Queen Hotel.

Parsonage of St. Stephens Church, 5213 Main St.

N. E. Main & Walnut Lane, built 1806 by Rev. Saml. Blair for his son S. Blair Jr.

Old P & R. Ry. Station, Main St., Germantown.

Valley Green on Wissahickon.

Where Wissahickon Drive joins E. Park Drive.

Vernon, Wister mansion. Built in 1803 by James Matthews.

Spring on the Cresheim Creek.

Doorway of 6347 Main St. Keyser-Rodney House.

Capt. Barrow's House, 5106 Main St.

Chew House, Main & Johnson Sts.

John Bringhurst House, 1775-1795, 5219 Main St.

107 W. School Lane. Bought in 1810 for faculty of Academy.

5275-7 Main St. Occupied by Thos. Jefferson in 1793 & Edmund Randolph.

Ottinger House. Built 1781. 4825 Main St. Christopher Ottinger was a soldier in the Penna. line.

5140 Main St. Occupied by Gilbert Stuart 1794-5. Studio in rear.

Battle of Germantown Monument, Vernon Park.

Upsala, Johnson House. Main St. near Upsal St.

Fairmount Waterworks.

Building in rear of the Johnson house, Washington Lane.

Germantown High School

Wyck, front door.

Valley Green Bridge, Wissahickon, 1913.

Dr. Dunton's house, 25 E. High St. A Pastorius house. Formerly stood on Main St.

Public library, Vernon Park.

Wyck in March 1840, from daguerreotype made by Prof. Walter R. Johnson.

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