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Little lily vendor at [Avocado], Sea Girt, N.J. [graphic].

[Residences lining an unidentified canal] [graphic].

View at Seal Harbor, Mt. Desert [Island], Maine [graphic].

Old Swedes Church, Wilmington Del. [graphic].

White Wings [sailboat] Manasquan River, N.J. [graphic].

A favoring wind. Shrewsbury River [graphic].

Deserted house at Atsion, N.J. [graphic].

In the woods, Sea Girt, N.J., [Bess and another woman sitting in foreground] [graphic].

Weathercock from the steeple of German Reform Church at Market Square 1733-1833 [graphic].

Fording to the Island. Boys Parlors Asso[ciation] first camp, Upper Delaware R[iver] [graphic].

Old Friend's Meeting House, Manasquan, N.J. [graphic].

E[lliston] P[erot] M[orris] Jr. at Sea Girt [graphic].

[Mennonite meeting house with view of cemetery grounds, Germantown] [graphic].

Canoeing on the Mullica River [graphic].

[Unidentified residence near a body of water] [graphic].

[Unidentified harbor with schooner] [graphic].

Bark under full sail [graphic].

Decoration of Quebec Cathedral. Installation of Cardinal Tascherau [graphic].

[Tree near unidentified river] [graphic].

Snuff Mill & house near Providence, Rhode Island where Gilbert Stuart the painter was born [graphic].

Winter scene on Mill Creek [graphic].

Fall in the Plaaterkill Clove, Catskill M[oun]t[ain]s, N.Y. [graphic].

Wood road at Sea Girt, N.J. [graphic].

Gathering "Centaury" Sea Girt, N.J. [graphic].

[Portait of] "Katie" Swan [graphic].

Midway Plaisance-Cairo Street-Outrunners of Wedding Procession [graphic].

From the beach, Sea Girt, N.J. [graphic].

Robert Elliston. Original painting on wood in possession of Mrs. Quill, Smith Parish, Bermuda [graphic].

N. end of Electrical Building. Transportation B[ui]ld[in]g in distance [graphic].

Snuff Mill & house near Providence, Rhode Island where Gilbert Stuart the painter was born [graphic].

Jas. S. Willis' home. Willis Island Upper Delaware River [graphic].

Midway Plaisance-Dahomans [graphic].

[Deshler-Morris House, 5442 Germantown Avenue]

Woods Allaire, N.J

Camp of Germantown Boys Club at Stone Harbor N.J. from July 15 to Aug 5, 1911 [graphic].

Wife of Robert Elliston. Original paintings on wood in procession of Mrs. Quill, Smiths' Parish, Bermuda [graphic].

4821 Main St.

Wagner House, 4840 Main St., built 1747, hospital in Battle of Germantown.

Henry House, 1760. 4908 Main St. In 1828 bought by John S. Henry father of Alex Henry thrice mayor of Phila.

General Wayne Hotel, S.W. Main & Manheim Sts.

Conyngham-Hacker House, 5214 Main St.

5430 Main St. Home of Capt. Albert Ashmead.

"Wyck" Haines home, Walnut Lane & Main St., oldest house standing in Gt'n at this date.

Wyck, front bedroom.

Knorr house, N.W. Main St. & Walnut Lane, from pencil sketch on a visiting card, made in 1862.

Old Johnson House, N. W. Main & Washington Lane.

[[The]] Johnson House, Main & Washington Lane, built in 1768 by John Johnson. The doors & hall show marks of bullets in battle of Germantown.

Keyser House, 6316 Main St., subsequently owned by Elwood Johnson.

[Upsala, Johnson House. Main St. near Upsal St.]

Near Wakefield, Fisher's Lane.