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Citizens' Bounty Fund. : You will facilitate the operations of the committee of citizens having the direction of this fund, by sending the amount of your subscription to me, at the Farmers and Mechanics Bank. / S.A. Mercer, treasurer.

Peter S. Du Ponceau Papers. 1787-1844 (inclusive).

William Whelan Papers, 1811-1841 (inclusive).

CCXI. sociable letters / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady

Oswald Family Papers. 1792-1816 (inclusive).

A model love-letter. : To Miss [blank] The great love that I have hitherto expressed for you....

[Advertisements for proprietary medicines manufactured and marketed by the Egyptian Drug Co., of New York, N.Y.]

Sanitary Fairs Collection, 1749-1867 (bulk 1864).

John A. McAllister Papers, 1820-1885 (bulk 1860-1866).

Greenway Family Papers, 1772-1802 (inclusive).

Barker Family Papers, 1785-1832 (inclusive).

Episcopal Clergy Manuscripts Collection, 1765-1867 (inclusive).

Arbitrary arrests. : Correspondence of James W. Wall with the New York World.

Young and Woodward Business Papers, 1789-1826 (inclusive).

Bank of Columbia Records. 1794-1828 (inclusive).

Godfrey Weber Papers. 1802-1844 (inclusive).

Civil War Volunteer Saloons and Hospitals Ephemera Collection. 1861-1868 (inclusive).

State Bank of Camden Records. 1812-1837 (inclusive).

Thomas FitzSimons Papers, 1784-1811 (inclusive).

McAllister Small Manuscript Collections, 1781-1857 (inclusive).

Albert Newsam Papers. 1833-1864 (inclusive).

Bank of the United States Records, 1790-1842 (inclusive).

Binny & Ronaldson Papers, 1805-1822 (inclusive).

Civil War Manuscripts, 1854-1868 (inclusive).

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, General Assembly Records, 1783-1859 (bulk 1790-1838).

[Collection of advertisements and other promotional materials relating to proprietary medicines manufactured by the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company, of Lynn, Mass.]

[Materials relating to Renne's Pain Killing Magic Oil, manufactured and marketed by Wm. Renne & Sons, of Pittsfield, Mass.]

Col. George's acceptance..

John Smith Papers, 1802-1819.

Watson & Paul Business Records, 1792-1807.