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Do They Miss Me at Home

Camp Brightwood, Col. Henry S. Briggs, 10th Massachusetts Volunteers [graphic].

Gallant charge of United States Cavalry. Gallant charge of Lieutenant Tompkins of the Second Cavalry, at Fairfax Court House, Va., on the morning of June 1, 1861. [graphic].

Jeff. Davis caught at last. Hoop skirts & Southern chivalry. [graphic].


View of the farm where the murder of the Deering [sic] Family was committed by the fiend Antoine Probst on April 7th 1866.

Swarthmore College

Poplar Grove. Residence of E.S. Richards, near Germantown, Penna.

The horrible murder of the Dearing Family.

Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, supported gratuitously by the citizens of Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Schutzen-Verein. 1869.

Philada. Physical Institute.

Rialto House, Christopher Dusch, proprietor. Fairmount Park.

New Mill House at Fairmount. H. P. M. Birkinbine. Chief Engineer.

Humboldt Monument in Fairmount Park, designed by Collins & Autenrieth, for the Humboldt Festival Committee.

[F. Brown druggist, storefront] 1822.

[Frederick Brown, storefront] 1868.

Illustrated description of the Battle of Gettysburg. By Holtzworth. [graphic] / Peck.

Plan of fair for the Soldiers & Sailors Home. Academy of Music, Philadelphia. October 23 to November 4, 1865. [graphic] / F. Bourquin, Chesnut St. 602.

Henry Simons. Wagon & U.S. national coach works. Philadelphia [graphic] / W.H. Rease N.E. cor 4th. & Chestnut Sts.

"I say Billy, do you know why I'm doing this? Cause, I'm going to run for Congress soon!" [graphic] /. Potomac.

How free ballot is protected. [graphic] / J.E. Baker, del.

Political caricature no.3. The abolition catastrophe, or the November smash-up. [graphic]

Oh! Massa Jeff dis sesesh fever will kill de nigger. [graphic] / [FJB?]

The dis-united states or the Southern Confederacy. [graphic]

Scent to the legislature. [graphic] / Andrews, Del.

Republican platform, or the political montebank. [graphic]

Fate of the radical party. [graphic] / JAL; Am. News Co. Agent N.Y.

The precarious situation. [graphic]

The precarious situation. [graphic]

A "dodge" that won't work. [graphic] / J. Cameron.

The great November contest. Patriotism vs bummerism. [graphic]

Jeff. Davis., the compromiser, in a tight place. [graphic]

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

Congressional surgery legislative quakery. [graphic] / A., Del.

Good Will Fire Company of Philadelphia.

Columbia Hose Co. of Philadelphia [membership certificate]

The Wissahickon

[The Wissahickon]

Why dont you take it? [graphic] / Friz del.

A disloyal British "subject" [graphic].

Offering a substitute. A scene in the office of the provost marshall [graphic].

Offering a substitute. A scene in the office of the provost marshall [graphic].

The national game. Three "outs" and one "run" [graphic] : Abraham winning the ball.

The capture of Jeff Davis [graphic] : His last official act "the adoption of a new rebel uniform." He attempts to "clear his skirts," but finds it "all up in Dixie" / Giles.

The last ditch of chivalry or, a president in petticoats [graphic].

The battle of Bull's Run [graphic].

Why don't you take it? [graphic].

The man that blocks up the highway [graphic].

Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, J.E. Kingsley & Co., proprietors [envelope]