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Girard House

Pratts house now Fairmount Park

Res. of Dr. C.J. Snavely, South Prussian St. Manheim. Birth Place of General John Heintzleman.

Independence Hall in 1876 [graphic].

In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Bits of nature and some art products

St. James Church. West Philada.

Church of St. Edward the Confessor Philadelphia, Penna.

Outline of the monument to liberty to be erected in Independence Square, Philadelphia

St. Bonifacius Church. Norris Square Philadelphia, Penna.

St. Augustine's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

[In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.]

In park at Philadelphia

Church of St. Philip Neri. Philadelphia, Penna.

St. Francis Xavier's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Res. and grist mill of Anthony S. Morris

Darlington, Runk & Co. Hosiery & underwear for fall & winter 1879 [pocket cicrular]

The Weston and Wells Manufacturing Company. Office 123 South Second Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

E. A. Wright, bank note engraver, lithographer, plate printer. Chestnut & 11th sts.

Franklin Institute, Seventh Street between Chestnut and Market, Philadelphia

Bits of nature and some art products in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ph. J. Lauber's restaurant, Centennial grounds, near Horticultural Hall.

William Mann, stationer, blank book maker, steam-power printer & lithographer, 529 Market & 526 Commerce Sts., Philadelphia.

On Schuylkill Riv. Philada. Pa.

Martin Landenberger & Co.

Henry Tolman, dealier in railway, machinists', engineers' and general supplies, also machinery and tools, No. [228] Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Washington Hose Company of Philadelphia.

Edward Waldmayer, show card, sign, and ornamental painter, [No. 8 So. 5th St., below Mkt], Philadelphia.

Memorial Hall. International Exhibition. Length 365 ft. Width 210 ft.

Centennial circular. Norwalk Lock Company. South Norwalk, Conn.

Machinery Hall. Centennial International Exhibition.

[Collecting cards depicting Centennial Exhibition buildings]

Dr. Leidy's san-guin'e-ous sarsparilla panacea vegetable compound.

Bought of Rodgers Brothers, wholesale druggists, and dealers in paints, oils & varnishes.

Bought of William A. Whittem, apothecary, dealer in segars, stationery &c. Opposite rail road depot.

Alois Senefelder. Inventor of lithography

Lithographic and letter press printing. Lehman & Bolton, Goldsmiths Hall, Library Street, opposite post office.

[Benjamin H. Shoemaker, French Plate Glass Depot, 205-211 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Gay's China Palace, No. 1109 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.