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Outline of the monument to liberty to be erected in Independence Square, Philadelphia

St. Francis Xavier's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

St. James Church. West Philada.

Church of St. Philip Neri. Philadelphia, Penna.

Pratts house now Fairmount Park

Independence Hall in 1876 [graphic].

Res. and grist mill of Anthony S. Morris

Girard House

Res. of Dr. C.J. Snavely, South Prussian St. Manheim. Birth Place of General John Heintzleman.

In park at Philadelphia

Stewart's fat steer.

Bits of nature and some art products

In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

[In Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.]

St. Augustine's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

St. Bonifacius Church. Norris Square Philadelphia, Penna.

Church of St. Edward the Confessor Philadelphia, Penna.


Fairmount Machine Works, office, 2106 Wood Street, Philadelphia, Penna.

London Mfg. Co. essences of meats, 77 & 79 Varick Street, New York.

Pancoast & Maule, 243 & 245 South Third St., Philadelphia.

Henry Tolman, dealier in railway, machinists', engineers' and general supplies, also machinery and tools, No. [228] Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Thos. Thompson, Sons & Co., manufacturers and importers of upholstery materials, curtains, decorations and novelties. Retail department, Nos. 1430 and 1432 Chestnut Street, (Young Men's Christian Association building.), Philadelphia.

Bought of William A. Whittem, apothecary, dealer in segars, stationery &c. Opposite rail road depot.


Vell here is to mine healt, long may I live and prosper!

Cedar Hollow Lime Company. Depot 900 Jefferson Street.

Robert Reid, machinist, 42, 44 & 46 E. Canal Street, below Front, Philadelphia, Pa.

Edward Waldmayer, show card, sign, and ornamental painter, [No. 8 So. 5th St., below Mkt], Philadelphia.

Dr. Leidy's san-guin'e-ous sarsparilla panacea vegetable compound.

Henry Hill, Philadelphia agent, William Penn Hotel, 38th and Market Sts.

Ph. J. Lauber's restaurant, Centennial grounds, near Horticultural Hall.

Dealers in Toffler's patented round, square & flat rolling wood matting adapted and in use for railroad and street cars, hotels, saloons, stores, markets, bath rooms, water closets, &c. &c. [over]

King Iron Bridge & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

No rewashing - always uniform. Kirk's blue India soap. No blueing required when this soap is used.

Geo. W. Nock, locksmith, bell hanger and silver plater, 142 N. Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Machinery Company, 1819 to 1827 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Penna.

Joel S. Perkins, No. 120 Market Street, Philadelphia.

James P. Wood & Co., manufacturers of improved apparatus for steam heating, (high and low pressure,) ranges, cooking apparatus, &c. Gas lighting, for public buildings, dwellings and towns. Ventilating, by automatic action, steam or power fans. 39 South Fo

The Weston and Wells Manufacturing Company. Office 123 South Second Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Machinery Hall. Centennial International Exhibition.

[Collecting cards depicting Centennial Exhibition buildings]

Memorial Hall. International Exhibition. Length 365 ft. Width 210 ft.

Harrisburg Nail Works, Henry McCormick, treasurer.

R. Newell & Son, 633 Arch St., Phila. Equipped for outside and indoor photography.

George B. Newton & Co., agents for the sale of Lehigh Valley Coal Co.'s coal. 329 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine, $1.25 a year. Floral guide 10cts. James Vick, seedman, Rochester, N.Y.

French etching silk for outlining. Eureka silk. Every spool warranted. The standard silk of the world.