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Camp Vermont, Va. 4th Dele. Infy. [graphic] : Col. A.H. Grimshaw. Comd. 3rd Brigade. Lt. Col. C. Carroll Tevis. Major C.C. Lammot. Adjt. W.H. Cloward Q. Master. John F. Toner.

The great fight at Charleston, S.C., April 7th, 1863 [graphic] : Between 9 United States "Iron-Clads," under the command of Admiral Dupont; and Forts Sumter, Moultrie, and the Cummings Point Batteries in possession of the rebels.

The dawn of liberty [graphic] : General Gage said "The very children here draw on a love of liberty with the air they breathe. You may go my brave boys, and be assured if my troops trouble you again they shall be punished." / Max Rosenthal del.; L.N. Rose

The Battle of Newbern, N.C., March 14th, 1862. Brilliant victory of the Union forces under Genl. A.E. Burnside and total rout of the rebel army, by the heroic volunteers of the North. [graphic].

Terrific combat between the "Monitor" 2 Guns & "Merrimac" 11 Guns in Hampton Roads March 9 1862. In which the little "Monitor" whipped the "Merrimac" and the whole "school" of rebel steamers [graphic].

Destruction of the rebel monster "Merrimac" off Craney Island May 11th, 1862 [graphic].

Destruction of the rebel ram "Arkansas"--by the United States gunboat "Essex," on the Mississippi River, near Baton Rouge, August 4th, 1862. [graphic].

The Union iron clad Monitor "Montauk." Destroying the rebel steamship "Nashville," in the Ogeeche River, near Savannah Ga. _. Febry. 27, 1863. [graphic].

The siege of Charleston. Bombardment of Fort Sumter, and batteries Wagner and Gregg by the Union batteries on Morris Island, under command of General Gilmore._ August 1863. [graphic].

The victory of Roanoke, Feby. 8th, 1862. The brilliant and decisive bayonet charge of New York 9th Hawkins Zouaves. [graphic].

Camp Knox, 11th Regt. Me. Vols. [graphic] : John C. Caldwell, colonel.

Camp Davis-- Ringgold Regiment, 104th Penna. Vols. [graphic] : Colonel W.W.H. Davis.

Camp Meridian Hill 7th Regt. N. Jersey vols. [graphic] : Col. Revere.

Camp Morris, 138th Regt. N.Y. Vols, Col. [graphic] : Col. Joseph Welling, commdg.

Camp near Ft. Lyon, Va., 26th N.Y.V., Colonel Wm. H. Christian. [graphic].

Camp Pomroy, 111th Regiment, New York [graphic] : Col. J. Segoine commdg.

Camp Palmer, 1st Regiment Mich. Cavalry [graphic] : Col. T.F. Broadhead Lient. Col. T.J. Copeland 1st Major W.S. Atwood 2nd A. Paldi 3rd C.H. Town.

Camp of Second Mass. Regt., [graphic] : Col. George H.J. Gordon, commanding.

Camp of the 131st Regt. Pa. Vols. [graphic] : P.H. Allbach, Col. Lieut., Col. Wm. B. Shaut, Ad. Col.

Camp Chase, 147th Regt. N.Y.S.V. [graphic] : Col. A.P. Warner, commdg.

Camp Chase, 12th Regt. R.I. Vols., Col. George H. Brown, commdg. [graphic].

Camp Casey, 87th Regt. N.Y.S.V. [graphic] : Col. Dodge.

Camp Hicks near Frederick, Md., 12th Regt. Massachusetts Vols. [graphic] : Col. Webster.

Camp Seward, 25th Regt. Me. Vol. 3rd Brigade, Casey's Div. [graphic] : Col. Francis Fessendon, commdg.

Camp Chase, 7th Regt. R.I. Vols [graphic] : Col. L.R. Bliss, Commdg.

Camp Chase, Va. 11th Regt. N.H. Vols. [graphic] : Col. Walter Harrinan, Commdg.

Camp Graham, Birney's Zouaves, 23d Regiment, P.V. [graphic] : Col. D.B. Birney . Lt. Col. Charles Wilhelm. Major George C. Spear. Junior Major. John Ely.

Camp Seward 170th N.Y.V. 2d Regiment-- Corcoran's Legion [graphic] : Col. Peter McDermott Lieut. Col. J. P. Mc Ivor.

Col. C.H. Vanwyck, 56 Reg. N.Y.S.V., 10th Legion, Camp Davis [graphic].

Col. Wm. B. Greene, commanding 14th Regt. Mass. Vols. (heavy Artillery) Fort Albany, Virginia. [graphic].

Camp Seward, 27th Regt. Me. Vs. [graphic] : Col. R.P. Tapley, Lt. Col. M.J. Wentworth, Maj. Ja. L. Stone.

Camp Tom Casey, 26th Me. Regt. [graphic] : Col. Nathaniel H. Hubbard, commdg.

Camp Abercrombie, 169th Regt. N.Y.S. Vols. . [graphic] : Col. Clarence Buel, Commdg.

Camp Wisewell, 28th Regt. N.J. Volunts. [graphic] : Col. M.N. Wisewell, commdg.

Sheridan's cavalry at the Battle of Fisher's Hill. (Shenandoah Valley.) [graphic].

The old flag again waves over Sumter Raised by Capt. Bragg of Gen. Gillmore's Staff on the 18th February 1865. [graphic].

The old flag again waves over Sumter raised by Capt. Bragg of Gen. Gillmore's staff on the 18th February 1865. [graphic] / F. Fuchs.

Camp Brightwood 2d Rhode Island. [graphic] : Col. Frank Wheaton, Comdg.

Camp Barcly, Meridian Hill, D.C. 1st Lancers 6th Penna Cavalry. [graphic] : Col. R.H. Rush - L.t Col. J.H. McArthur - Major, C. Ross Smith - Jun. Major, Robert Morris jr.