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Improved Authors with Portraits & Autographs Card Game

Sacred Heart Convent, "Eden Hall." Torresdale, Pa.

[Independence Hall]

The old Phila. fire department. Period of 1850. The great engine contest on Sunday evening July 7th 1850 at 5th & Market sts.

Residence & property of James Holgate, n. w. cor. Lehigh Ave. & Eleventh St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Improved authors with portraits & autographs

Church of Our Lady of Consolation. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Segment of circular advertising Chas. Blasius & Sons, piano manufacturer, Philadelphia]

Liverpool & London & Globe Ins Co. 331-333-335-337 Walnut St. Philadelphia.

The Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co. 316-318 and 320 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Alphonsu's[sic] Church. Philadelphia.

[Carter Medicine Co. trade cards]

Geo. J. Burkhardt's Sons, cedar vat and tank factory, Nos. 2831-2839 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia.

Edward Casperson, boot and shoe maker, No. 3647 Woodland Ave. (formerly Darby Road.)

[Sunshine Publishing Company, 423 Chestnut Street, basement Philadelphia Bank.]

James M. Vance & Co., importers & jobbers of hardware, cutlery & tools, builders' and housekeepers' hardware, 324 and 326 Market, Philadelphia.

Candy at Hayward's. We sell the very finest qualities of Philadelphia candies, at very low prices. We have the prettiest candy department in this city. 305 and 307 Washington Street.

Rumford Yeast Powder, best & cheapest, every package warranted. Manufactured according to the formula of Prof. E.N. Horsford of Cambridge, Mass. by the Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, R.I.

Wherefore art thou Romeo? (Romeo & Juliet.)

"Study & follow nature." O.S. Fowler.

John W. Steen, 1209 Market St.