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Fourteenth [sic] Presbyterian Church. N. west corner of Schuylkill Seventh and George Sts. Phila.

U. S. Mint, Philadelphia.

Shipped in good order & well conditioned by Soutter & Bell. [bill of lading]

South view of the old Landreth nurseries, Philadelphia.

37 Crown Street.

[Christ Chapel, Eddington of All Saints Church, Lower Dublin Townhsip, near Torresdale]


Philadelphia, von dem grossen Baume zu Kensington aus geschen, unter welchem William Penn den tractat mit den Indianern abschloss.

The old First Independent Church corner Broad and Sansom streets. Rev. John Chambers, pastor.

North side of Logan Square.

New Oddfellows Hall Philada. Dedicated 17 September 1846. Grand master of a grand lodge. Of I. O. of O. F. in full regalia.

Advent Protestant Episcopal Church, Old York Road, Philadelphia.

Penn's Treaty; Boon and the Indians.

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

Treaty Tree

Funeral Car, erected by Wm. H. Moore & Son (Undertakers, No. 181 Arch St. Pha.) Especially for the occasion of the funeral obsequies of the Late President of the United States, General Zachary Taylor, Philadelphia, July 30th, 1850.

Moyer & Hazard, successors of Alexander Fullerton, 174 Market Street, fifth door above Fifth Street, Philadelphia [and] Elijah Bowen, wholesale & retail hat & cap store, No. 176 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Reminiscences of a fancy dress ball, in Philadelphia, February 1850.

[Lockwood & Smith, importers and dealers china, glass and Queensware, 7 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia]

Museu de Filadelphia.

[Church of the Nativity]

[Humane Society of Philadelphia]

East side of Logan Square.

[Wilson & Lavender. J. P. Wilson, Southwark Planing Mill Swanson Street near Christian, close to the Delaware]

[Wm. W. Clark, drug & chemical warehouse, 16 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia]

Deaf & Dumb Asylum. Broad Street

State-house in Philadelphia. (In bemfelben bie Unabbangigfeits=Erflarung ver 13 norbameritanifchen colonien am 4. Juli 1776 zum erften male verlefen.)

Friends' Alms-House. on Walnut St. Philada. -- Erected in 1745. Taken down in 1841.

The three days of May 1844. Columbia mourns her citizens slain

American Sunday School Union Philadelphia [receipt]

Old courthouse the building occupied by Congress in the Revolution

St. Mark's Church Philadelphia

U. S. Bank,


[Merchants' Exchange, 143 South Third Street, Philadelphia]


Williams Ogle, coach & harness maker No. 280, Chesnut [sic] Street, above 10th south side, Philadelphia.

Charles C. Oat's lamp store No. 32 North Second St. Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease, No. 17 Sth. 5th St.

[James Lane's stove store, No. 218 North Third Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. H. Rease, 17, Sth. 5th St. Phil.

P. R. Schuyler, furnishing undertaker, N.E. cor. Beaver & 4th Sts., Philadelphia. N. B. lots for sale in Monument Cemetery on reasonable terms. Also single interments. [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. H. Rease, No. 17, So. 5th. St.

Philadelphia horse & carriage bazaar, S.E. corner of Ninth & George, bet. Walnut & Chesnut Sts. Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease No. 17 Sth 5th St. Phila.

[Western Paper Hangings Establishment, 501 Market Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by Wm. H. Rease, 17 South 5th St.

Thomas Hargrave ornamental carver and sculptor s.w. corner of Ridge Road & 13th St. [graphic] / On stone by R. F. Reynolds, 20 Gaskill St.

John C. Baker & Co. wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints & dye stuffs, No. 100, North Third St. Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease No. 17 So. 5th St.

[John Ziegler, grocer, N.W. corner of Callowhill and Water Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by Wm. H. Rease, 17, So. 5th. St.

Potter & Carmichael, oil cloth manufacturers warehouse, No. 135, North Third Street, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Drawn on stone by H.W. Rease, No. 17, So. 5th St.

[William P. Cresson's foundry, Willow above Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Executed on stone by Wm. H. Rease, No. 17, S. 5th. St.

Dr. George Stuart's botanical syrup and vegetable pills, the greatest family medicine in the world. [graphic].

Wm. H. Horstmann & Sons No. 51, North Third Street Philadelphia, manufacturers and importers of military goods, coach laces, & fringes. [graphic] / J. T. French, del.