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William Penn.

Old Tun Tavern.

Market Scene- Woman with a Jug

Interior Scene - People Dancing

Market Scene- Woman with a Basket

Meeting of Jacob and Esau

Zachariah Poulson

Mrs. Zachariah Poulson [Susannah Knorr Poulson]

Reverend Samuel Preston

Landscape with People and Animals

Philadelphia Harbor from the South

Dickinson Family Funeral Hatchment

New York Harbor - View of New York from Upper Bay near Bedloes Island

Library Building on 5th Street

William Henry Rawle

Joseph Fisher, “Optician"

Benjamin Franklin

Jacob Ridgway; Phoebe Anne Ridgway Rush; James Rush

Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences, or The Genius of America Encouraging the Emancipation of the Blacks

Edward L. Carey

Henry C. Carey

Merchant's Exchange, Philadelphia

Merchant's Exchange, Philadelphia

Merchant's Exchange, Philadelphia

John Dickinson

The South East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia

A. McCoy's House Village Green

George Campbell

John Markoe

Mehitabel Markoe

John Markoe

Elizabeth Hazlehurst

Susan Ridgway Rotch Barton

Garden of the Friends Almshouse

Edwin Wolf 2nd

Mathew Carey

Mountains with Cottage and Person with Cart

Hollandische Kuff

Winter Landscape

An Academic Study (Possibly of the Acropolis in Athens)

Mountainous Landscape with Bridge

Landscape with Temple on Cliff

Henry Wharton

Lake Scene

Magnetic Dispensary

Still Life with Peaches

Francis Bacon

Lloyd Pearsall Smith

Stenton, the Seat of the Founder of the Loganian Library, A.D. 1728

Duke of Brunswick