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Louisiana envelope

Friend Jane envelope

Jefferson Davis at sea envelope

Camp Davies envelope

Alabama envelope

Woman with eagle envelope

Naval Expedition No. 8 envelope

Illinois envelope

Sons of Erin envelope

California envelope

Map of the seat of war envelope

Union pill envelope

Eagle and U.S. Senate envelope

Hand envelope

Connecticut envelope

Miners and Sappers envelope 2

Battle of Gettysburg 4 envelope

Friend Thomas envelope

Female Correspondence envelope

Iowa envelope

Texas envelope

Cannon envelope

"Black drop" envelope

I'se from Harper's Ferry.

Naval Expedition No. 4 envelope

"Latest contraband" envelope

Two women with Union flag envelope

Slave tied and flogged envelope

Eagle facing right envelope

Battle of Gettysburg 1 envelope

Overseer envelope

To Lafayette. We are grateful.

Miners and Sappers envelope

Camp scene envelope

Cotton picker envelope

Seal of New York City envelope

To an Envelope poem cover envelope

Camp Barcly envelope

Soldier with bayonets envelope

Battle of Fort Donelson 5 envelope

Rebel cabinet envelope

Secesh fever envelope

Game cock envelope

Cornerstones envelope

George Washington profile envelope

Maryland envelope

Eagle perched on rock envelope

Procession envelope

Man on flagpole envelope

Winfield Scott envelope

Newark street scene envelope

Camp Seminary envelope

Death to traitors envelope

Kansas envelope

Battle of Fort Donelson 1 envelope

Picket Post envelope

Georgia envelope

"Buffalo regiment" envelope

Skull envelope

Battle at Winchester envelope

Eagle with flag envelope

Eagle with globe and flag envelope

Smoking soldier envelope

Young North and South envelope

Man reading the paper envelope

Woman with Union shield envelope

Jefferson Davis cornered envelope

Confederate shield envelope

Dancing "contraband" envelope

Monkey envelope

John Bull blinded envelope

Game cock envelope 2

Soldiers around campfire envelope

Camp Monmouth envelope

Small eagle envelope

Flogging envelope

Raising the flag envelope

Fort Monroe envelope

Gorilla envelope

Union flag facing right envelope

I'm just from Dixie's land.

Dis chile's contraban

C.S.A. loan poster envelope

Pennsylvania envelope

"Southern chilvalry" envelope

Luther C. Ladd envelope

"Secession cavalry" envelope

Cotton bales envelope

Fort Monroe envelope 2

Zouave with rifle envelope

Runaway feet envelope 2

Eagle with Union shield envelope

"Innocent cause of war" envelope 2

Runaway feet envelope

Virginia in 1776 and 1861 envelope

Mississippi envelope

Horse and Jeff Davis envelope

Cotton bales envelope 2

"Contraband barricade" envelope

Confederate Massachusetts envelope

Runaway mother and child envelope

Secession musicians envelope

Lincoln alchemist envelope

Camp scene with horse envelope

Woman in kitchen envelope

Eagle with eye envelope

Henry A. Wise envelope

Handcuffs envelope

Prince Sauce-pan envelope

Cotton harvest envelope

Battle at Newbern, N.C. envelope

New Hampshire envelope

Slaves with hoes envelope

Ship envelope

Shoe shiner envelope