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[Liberator masthead, 1831] [graphic].

[Liberator masthead, 1838] [graphic].

The lips of the wise disperse knowledge. [graphic].

The humanity of the Africo-Americans [graphic].

The moral character of the Africo-Americans [graphic].

The runaway [graphic].

"Incendiary pictures" [graphic].

How can it be done? [graphic].

How slavery honors our country's flag [graphic].

Scenes in the city prison of New York [graphic].

The runaway [graphic].

A fact with a short commentary [graphic].

History of the slave, James [graphic].

[Thomas Cooper] [graphic] / G.L. Brown sc.

The poor mother [graphic].

The praying child. [graphic].

A slave-ship [graphic].

A slave caught without a pass [graphic].

Do the slaves desire their liberty? [graphic].

The cruelties of slavery [graphic].

The desperation of a mother [graphic].

The flogging of females [graphic].